Space Needle - would you bother?


I have the BPs. Gives what appears to be meager returns in happiness and coin for a large space. Apart from the fact that it looks cool and I'd be the 1st in my Guild to build one, would you bother?


Imo, this is the worst GB. The reason why I rank it lower than the Colosseum and Notre Dame is that it cost a bunch of ME goods, and the other two GBs are above par in their age on it's first few levels, while you need to bring this GB above level 8 to bring more happiness/space than an unpolished Drive-In Theater.
The only reason I would build this would be for aesthetics or if I wanted to build all GBs for the fun of it.
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with the uncapping all the gbs can be EVENTUALLY worth it.

key word is eventually i don't want to put in the work for a lvl 10+ space needle


I'd be willing to trade Space Needle BPs 5:1 for Zeus BPs. Notre Lame BPs 10:1.


I built 0ne just BC i had extra space and the goods but my guild took a liking to it and within a week it was level 4 already. It is currently level 5 with donations slowing down pretty fast. I think its defiantly not worth the space but without a doubt a really awesome looking GB. it fits pretty well next to Automium.


Hmmm. So if I've got a bunch of space not being used and a ton of goods it'll be nice to look at.
Perhaps I wont bother.

Thanks for the feedback guys.


On Cirgard I was one of the first players to get a Space Needle, so it's gotten up to level 9 and is ok for happiness, just too much investment for the amount of reward. After building it on one server, it taught me not to bother with building it on another. If you're going to invest in a happiness/coins building lotus is a better use of the city space.