Strategic Insomniacs - Caffeinated.. Restless.. and Kicking Arse! Join Us Today!

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    Aug 1, 2018
    Welcome to the Strategic Insomniacs Guild!
    - Our mission: Kicking Arse! Will you join us? -

    About Us:

    SI is a gaming guild/clan which has been around for over 15 years since 2003 and started on a game called Tactics Arena Online. Since our inception, we have expanded all over the gaming world, making our presence known in a large variety of games including Guildwars, Halo, and Crossfire to name a few. Now, we have turned our sights to Forge of Empires in 2018.

    How to join Strategic Insomniacs:

    We are currently doing an open invitation promotion. Meaning that we are looking to fill our ranks and currently hold no restrictions or qualifications to become a basic member. This, however, will change in time since we are new here.

    How to be promoted:

    • Guild Moderator: Minimum 20,000 Points & Senior Membership

    • GvG Operations (Trusted): Minimum 15,000 Points & Senior Membership

    • Senior Membership: Minimum 3 months in the guild / 10,000 Points

    • Recruiter (Inviter): Currently any member is eligible to help increase guild membership. In the future, only Senior Members will be eligible.

    Our Founding Principles for Any Game

    * Promote better gameplay.
    * Anyone can kill a noob. We must mold better opponents.
    * Promoters, not whiners or runners.
    * Got to be willing to have fun.

    General Etiquette:

    1. Don't be a bully just because you can.

    2. Be gracious in both victory and defeat.
    Sportsmanship is an important aspect of any member of SI. If you were defeated fair and square, please be gracious about it. Similarly, do not gloat over a defeated opponent.

    3. Boosting / Cheating is absolutely forbidden.
    SI isn't a particularly stat or ranking obsessed clan. However, we tend to have high stats/rankings because we are skilled and we earn them fairly. If you have to cheat to earn your stats or points in whatever game we are in, then you will face immediate expulsion from the clan.

    4. No spamming in the lobby or in-game.
    Having fun with your friends is one thing, deliberately spamming the lobby or in the game is quite another. Please be considerate of other people.

    5. Have an open mind to share and help others progress. Part of being a guild is to readily help each other experiment with different strategies and formations. If you have something which you think gives you an advantage, it would be good to share it. Also, be open to assist those players outside the guild which may request help in-game or conversely, be willing to hear their ideas as well.

    General Clan Rules

    1. Loyalty to your name and guild.
    It is discouraged to be in another guild on the same server you are in SI. This is a matter of loyalty and not having conflicting interests. SI should be the only 'true' guild for its members. For example, being in SI and being an active member of another guild, helping it grow, posting in its forums, calling yourself a member of that guild etc. wouldn't be appropriate. However, being on SI on one server does not mean you have to be SI on all servers, though we would like you to.

    2. Promotions
    There are several levels of guild membership. For instance, there are normal members, recruiters, and leaders. The titles aren't there for people to have extra status - there is a whole lot of responsibility that comes with each title, and those that have them must pull their weight. You can apply for a promotion if you meet the requirements listed above at any time for consideration.

    3. Don't take it all too seriously.
    When it comes down to it, it is just a game. Friendships built over a game shouldn't be able to be torn down easily over something that happens in a game. The bigger things in life are more important. Real life > SI > Video Games. Bear that in mind, and you'll get along fine. We are here to have fun and a good time. So... we don't particularly care too much about rankings and stats, though we will rise to the challenge when we need to.
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    Are those points in-game point totals? If so, I'd recommend a rethink on the values. 20,000 points is achievable in days from starting a new world, it won't inhibit anyone.
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    Aug 1, 2018
    Yes, those are in-game points. And you are totally right, they are lower standards right now because SI is new to this game and frankly we have a long way to go before we can even reach our goal of being on the first page. That being said, over time we plan to really tighten up our requirements so that we only have the best. For now its all about exposure and growing with players who are also growing! :)