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You have been given a place to vent your frustration at me. This isn't it. If you want, ask moderator to open up the vent and you can cut loose... there. Or create your new hate thread, I don't object. But here, we're trying to build something.

Thank you.
Stephen isn't insulting you or venting his frustrations. He is just asking you a simple yes or no question of rather or not your guild is yet founded for first you said it was than you said something that made it sound like it wasn't. The fact that you think he is insulting you or venting his frustrations just for asking a question makes me wonder at your age. Also you never did answer gutmeister of how many members you now have.


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This is about Taishan guild in World Atoo.

This guild is for adults, players who know the ropes and don't wish to be nagged. Visitors are welcome! If you want to stay, just ask. You don't need to have played for years.

Our system is informal. Please don't ask about rules; relax and enjoy. We expect you to be sensible. If someone tells you you're doing wrong, stop and think. If you are asked to leave, it's not personal. Not everyone fits everywhere.

FoE places many odd restrictions on trade. We do not have more trading rules. If you make unrealistic offers, perhaps nobody will want them. If you accept, why complain? Caveat emptor!

Our GB threads are different. Anyone is free to put points on any build, anytime in any quantity. Once all slots are taken, the owner may be wise to level, since no more profit remains for others. Who knows? Do as you like.

Everyone is welcome to share ideas. But "everyone must" may fail to gain traction. We think we don't need to be ordered around. If you need orders, you'd better get them somewhere else. Of course, questions are fine!

I hope you will enjoy your time in Taishan.

Although we appreciate every guild. We do not allow Adult Only guilds. All content within FOE MUST be family friendly.


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All content within FOE MUST be family friendly.

I expect "family friendly" means "no porn". I don't use "adult" to mean "porn" but some hazy idea of self-responsibility, intelligence, and willingness to learn and work... if only at simulated work. The contrary concept involves whining, begging, feelings of entitlement, laziness, and self-centeredness. Most people I know under 40, and many older still, don't qualify.

Anyone who supplies a clearer term for this concept will find it substituted.