The Avenging Force NEEDS YOU!!


We are a new guild currently in the process of
seeking out our core players. We are seeking everyone
from the Bronze age to the Early Middle Ages. The
only prerequisite is that you be a daily active
player willing to polish/motivate on a daily basis
and willing to do fair trading

There are some really GOOD reasons to join a guild.

1) Trading is free which means that as long as you
trade within the guild it will not cost you a forge
point whereas neighborhood or friend trading will
always cost either yourself or the other person a
forge point.

2) You know that your guildmates are always active
and will polish/motivate you everyday.

3) Any questions will always be answered and you will
always recieve good non-biased advice.

So if you are interested in joining "The Avenging
Force" then send either Wilder Atnight or DemonMaster
an ingame message or reply here and we will send an invite your

Thank you for your interest!!
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