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The Rift is looking for active members


Hi, if you're looking for home where fair trade and helping out your guild mates is the way you want to play,
come join us in The Rift!!
If you understand the importance of the Observatory, you're the type of player The Rift is looking for!!!
We're a fairly new Guild, started a couple of months ago-ish, but filling rapidly.
Fair trade, helping members acquire and raise Great Buildings and advance to new ages is what we're about.
We know that helping members get stronger makes the Guild stronger!
All levels of Expedition are opened weekly to allow our members every opportunity to collect as many rewards as they can, and increase the Guild level which in turn benefits the individual players!!
Whether you want to farm or fight, are a beginner or a veteran, we don't care, as long as you are active, aid your fellow guildies as regularly as possible and mostly want to be part of an active, fun, friendly group who respect each other.
Take the plunge, look forward to having you join us!!
for further info or an invite contact any of the following:
Revkah 72 the Wise
Lou Garoo
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