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Tiger's Blood Recruiting for Active Members!

We are a small newer guild with only 17 members at the moment BUT have risen to a Global Ranking of #68 of 5,249 guilds thus far in our short life. At the Guild Battlegrounds we are in Platinum League and at Level 26. What all this means to new members is once you join Tiger's Blood your Town Hall starts giving you 3 Forge Points per day, all guild members get a 6% savings on their building supplies and coin costs and all guild members get a 14% reduction in the time needed to heal or recruit military units. AND, you share all guild rewards * Rewards after last battleground finished was 73 Statue of Honor fragments and 61 Road to Victory fragments for each guild member.
Guild's ranking is based on prestige, which is calculated from the level of a guild and the daily power. The Guild Rankings are calculated every day at 8 PM. A guilds prestige consists of the sum of the power of all sectors owned by the guild + the prestige bonus the guild receives from the guild level.

Any era age is welcome to join, we have no 'written' requirements as yet and the only requirement per say is to be a active member in which you are growing your own city weekly and as such contribute to the guild in any number of ways so that the Tiger's Blood guild can continue to grow also and provide even more and better benefits and rewards for all it's guild members to share.

Good luck to all!
I am sorry but just rechecking when I found this (never received a note that there was a question/response?). We are looking for active members so feel free to contact me OriginalPlasticman or the guild Tiger's Blood. Thanks and good luck.