Top 10 Guild Legions of Glory


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Top ranked guild Legions of Glory (#7) now recruiting active fighters for GvG combat. Join us and help dominate Parkog!

- 5 FPs a day from Town Hall
- HUGE Fair Trade Market to Quickly Get Desired Goods
- Reduce Recruiting Time by 22%
- Reduce Building Cost by 11%
- Great Supportive Community to Help w/ GB Goods or Game Advice
- 5, 10, 20 and 50 FP Swap Threads
- GE Levels 1-3 Unlocked Weekly (Level 4 if Necessary to Win/Close Battle)
- Many Advanced Players in Newer Ages = Better BPs From Aid-Clicks!

- Must Have Reached EMA, Ideal Candidate Modern Era or Beyond.
- Level 1 GE Completion Weekly Minimum

Message ScratchNSmith in-game to apply. Thanks for checking us out and keep forging! ;)