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Top 10 Guilds in Yorkton (Prestige) for April 11, 2021

King Reaper VII

Active Member
1. Blacklisted (42,566)
2. DreamOn (32,447)
3. Swift Retaliation (30, 437)
4. R̸anժom☠️Glitɔɦ (30,102)
5. Ascension (28,901)
6. Seven Kingdoms (27,716)
7. Almost Fantastic (27,282)
8. Requiem (26,115)
9. Rogue Wave (24, 346)
10. LEGION (23,699)

Summary: Blacklisted continues to rise after a low point in there prestige, DreamOn continues to slowly rise, Swift Retaliation continues sharply rising, Random Glitch continues to rise, Ascension continues to spiral down, Seven Kingdoms is slowly rising but is at a low point, Almost Fantastic is slowly rising back up, Requiem is at a low point, Rogue Wave is continuing to quickly rise and I think we can all agree that they are the fastest rising guild in Yorkton, and Legion is still rising sharply.