Top 100 in Odhrorvar - Sapphire Nexus is recruiting active members!!! We GE but we don't GvG

If you are the competitive type, Sapphire Nexus is the guild in Odhrorvar for you! We are a relatively young guild (level 28) with focus on GE (79-11-0) and Quests, and are in the TOP 100 in our world. We currently offer some great benefits, including 3 FP daily from the daily Town Hall collection, Weekly FP Raffle, VERY active Great Building swap threads, and an aggressive Sticks-to-Bricks (StB) program – not to mention the camaraderie and overall fun atmosphere. :cool: We try to help every guild member to advance wisely in the game and have a great experience. We believe that our guidelines are fair and simple. If you are interested or have questions, send a message to Rasqual the Stealthy.
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