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    1. [JUMPTO=q1]How can I join a guild?[/JUMPTO]
    2. [JUMPTO=q2]Why haven't I received diamonds for my "earn your diamonds" survey/offer?[/JUMPTO]
    3. [JUMPTO=q3]I never received an activation email; why can't I resend it?[/JUMPTO]
    4. [JUMPTO=q4]How are goods deposits distributed?[/JUMPTO]
    5. [JUMPTO=q5]Can I skip a quest?[/JUMPTO]
    6. [JUMPTO=q6]How do I get expansions?[/JUMPTO]
    7. [JUMPTO=q7]When do PvP tournaments finish and restart?[/JUMPTO]
    8. [JUMPTO=q8]What is neighbourhood merging; how does it work?[/JUMPTO]
    9. [JUMPTO=q9]Why doesn't my neighbourhood have eighty players?[/JUMPTO]
    10. [JUMPTO=q10]How can I send a support ticket?[/JUMPTO]
    11. [JUMPTO=q11]How can I increase my population?[/JUMPTO]
    12. [JUMPTO=q12]How does the delight/enthusiasm productivity bonus work?[/JUMPTO]
    13. [JUMPTO=q13]What is the difference between decorations and cultural buildings?[/JUMPTO]
    14. [JUMPTO=q14]When and why do supplies spoil?[/JUMPTO]
    15. [JUMPTO=q15]What is the inventory; how does it work?[/JUMPTO]
    16. [JUMPTO=q16]Why is my unit not fully healed by the given time?[/JUMPTO]
    17. [JUMPTO=q17]What timezone does the game run on?[/JUMPTO]
    18. [JUMPTO=q18]Why is my diamond/premium purchase not working?[/JUMPTO]
    19. [JUMPTO=q19]How can I use the items captured on the map?[/JUMPTO]
    20. [JUMPTO=q20]Why am I seeing a white screen?[/JUMPTO]

    [JUMPFROM]q1[/JUMPFROM]Q. How can I join a guild?
    Keywords: guild, alliance, join, recruit, invitation

    Before you can join a guild you must receive an invitation from a guild inviter. Many guilds do not actively recruit players, you may need to message several guilds' leaders before you receive an invitation. You can find many guild contact details in the recruiting sections (click) of the forum. You will be notified of any invitations you receive through the event log.

    You can view a list of all your invitations by clicking the global tab marked with three figures (top row, second from left) and clicking the shield icon. Click here for a visual, highlighted in blue. Beside each invitation is a button to accept or decline the invitation. You can also choose to found a new guild, however this is not advised for new players.

    [JUMPFROM]q2[/JUMPFROM]Q. Why haven't I received diamonds for my "earn your diamonds" survey/offer?
    Keywords: earn your diamonds, sponsorpay, free diamonds, free offer, netflix

    The "earn your diamonds" offers are a third party service provided by Sponsor Pay. In the instance you were not credited appropriately for an offer you must discuss the refund with them.

    Please press the "Support" button in the upper right corner of the Sponsor Pay offers window. There you can report the invalid transaction for investigation, as shown below:


    Note: you must wait until the expected delivery time has elapsed until you can report an offer.

    [JUMPFROM]q3[/JUMPFROM]Q. I never received an activation email; why can't I resend it?
    Keywords: activation, activate, verify, verification, email address, resend, 30 diamonds, registration

    Some players' email addresses are automatically marked as verified by our system, e.g. players who register through the InnoGames Portal. In this case you will not be sent an activation email and the resend buttons will be disabled; no further action is required. As a result some players report not receiving the 30 complementary diamonds for email verification, in this instance please [JUMPTO=q10]contact support[/JUMPTO].

    [JUMPFROM]q4[/JUMPFROM]Q. How are goods deposits distributed?
    Keywords: goods, deposit, map, random

    Each player receives two goods, when captured on the map, from a total of five per age. These selections are random.

    [JUMPFROM]q5[/JUMPFROM]Q. Can I skip a quest?
    Keywords: skip, quest, bypass, jump, abort, cancel

    All quests can be skipped except those given by the tutorial and storyline character, Ragu Silvertongue, and his later associates. Additionally certain seasonal quests, such as the Halloween Quests (2012), cannot be skipped. To skip an 'ordinary quest', open the quest screen and press the red button marked either "skip" or "abort" to the left of the green completion button.

    [JUMPFROM]q6[/JUMPFROM]Q. How do I get expansions?
    Keywords: expansion, grid

    Expansions unlock additional 4x4 usable space in your city to place buildings and decorations. There are four ways to unlock expansions:
    • Capturing all provinces in a sector which rewards an expansion, [JUMPTO=q19]see here (click)[/JUMPTO].
    • Researching a technology that unlocks an expansion, e.g. 'The Wheel'.
    • Earning enough medals from PvP tournaments, see here (click).
    • Purchasing directly with diamonds, see here (click).

    Once unlocked, expansions obtained from conquering a sector or researching a technology cost an increasing amount of coins or alternatively a sum of diamonds. Expansions purchased directly with PvP medals or diamonds have no such additional cost.

    You can use an expansion by opening the build menu and selecting the bottom expansion tab, marked by a 2x2 grid. Press one of the costed "expand" buttons and click to place it on a grey/unavailable area of the map.

    [JUMPFROM]q7[/JUMPFROM]Q. When do PvP tournaments finish and restart?
    Keywords: pvp, tournaments, towers,

    Tournaments finish between 2PM and 8PM (CST) on Sunday. Each neighbourhood and age's tower finishes at a different, predetermined time so the server has an opportunity to process the results. They then restart no later than 8AM the next day, once neighbourhood merging has been completed. Any battle points earned between the finishing and restarting time will not count towards the next tournament.

    [JUMPFROM]q8[/JUMPFROM]Q. What is neighbourhood merging; how does it work?
    Keywords: neighborhood, merging, merge, small, new players, eighty

    Neighbourhood merging is a weekly process that combines neighbourhoods, the group of players shown in the social bar (marked in orange here). This ensures each neighbourhood contains enough players for effective/enjoyable PvP and trade.

    Neighbourhood merging occurs automatically before approximately 8AM (CST) on Monday, prior to tournaments restarting. Two or more neighbourhoods will merge if:
    • The combined amount of active players is eighty or less.
      • An active player is someone who has logged into the game in the past seven days, reduced to three days for players in the stone or bronze age.
    • The average player points in the higher neighbourhood is no more than 40% greater than the average player points in the weaker neighbourhood.

    Once the merging process is complete all players will receive a notification informing them that new lands and civilisations have been discovered. If your neighbourhood has merged, the new players will appear in your social bar automatically.

    [JUMPFROM]q9[/JUMPFROM]Q. Why doesn't my neighbourhood have eighty players?
    Keywords: neighborhood, small, eighty, 80

    New neighbourhoods are filled to a maximum of eighty players. However, as players become inactive they are removed from the neighbourhood, gradually reducing the number of players. Although there is the possibility for your neighbourhood to merge [JUMPTO=q8](see here)[/JUMPTO], it requires another compatible neighbourhood(s) to merge with, hence it is unlikely to occur. Even if your neighbourhood is merged, it will likely still contain less than the maximum eighty active players.

    [JUMPFROM]q10[/JUMPFROM]Q. How can I send a support ticket?
    Keywords: support, ticket, help

    You can access the Support System by right clicking anywhere in the game and pressing Support.

    [JUMPFROM]q11[/JUMPFROM]Q. How can I increase my population?
    Keywords: population, pop, increase, more

    Additional population is granted by constructing houses that are connected to your Town Hall via a series of roads. To construct a house open the build menu, click the upper right tab marked with a small red-tile house, press one of the available selections and click to place it on the map.

    [JUMPFROM]q12[/JUMPFROM]Q. How does the delight/enthusiasm productivity bonus work?
    Keywords: delight, enthusiastic, very happy, 120%, angry, population


    • Provided happiness: the total happiness level provided from your city's decorations and cultural buildings.
    • Demanded happiness: the total happiness level required to maintain your population's productivity.
    Your city's production of coins and supplies varies depending on its level of happiness. Each citizen requires exactly one happiness, therefore your demanded happiness is always equal to the amount of population provided from your city's houses. If your provided happiness falls below your demanded happiness then your city's productivity falls to 50%, i.e. you only receive half the normal coins and supplies when collecting from buildings and your army will refuse to launch attacks. However, if you provide at least 40% additional happiness than demanded, your citizens will become enthusiastic. In this state your city's productivity is increased to 120%, i.e. you receive a fifth extra coins and supplies when collecting from buildings.

    [JUMPFROM]q13[/JUMPFROM]Q. What is the difference between decorations and cultural buildings?
    Keywords: decoration, cultural building, happiness, road

    Both decorations and cultural buildings serve to provide happiness to your city's population. In the build menu, their tabs are marked by a tree and a Pantheon-like building respectively. Decorations are no larger than four squares in dimension and therefore relatively cheap, whereas cultural buildings span more area but are more expensive. Cultural buildings usually provide significantly more happiness per square, however decorations do not require connection via a road network and more easily fit within a crowded city layout.

    In quest objectives, decorations and cultural buildings are not interchangeable. For example, building an obelisk (stone age decoration) will not count towards a cultural building objective.

    [JUMPFROM]q14[/JUMPFROM]Q. When and why do supplies spoil?
    Keywords: supplies, resources, spoil, expire, expiration, production

    Unlike coins and goods, supplies spoil if they are not collected soon after being produced. This balances the increased supply income generated by flexible production times compared to coins, which have a fixed production time. All supplies spoil one hour or twice the production length after being completed, whichever is greater.

    5 Minutes:
    15 Minutes:
    1 Hour:
    4 Hours:
    8 Hours:
    1 Day:
    5 Minutes + 1 Hour
    15 Minutes + 1 Hour
    1 Hour + 2 Hours
    4 Hours + 8 Hours
    8 Hours + 16 Hours
    1 Day + 2 Days
    [JUMPFROM]q15[/JUMPFROM]Q. What is the inventory; how does it work?
    Keywords: inventory, use, purpose

    The inventory contains special items, such as unique buildings, that can be used at a later time. For example, the Halloween Quests (2012) reward the Graveyard building, which is accessible from the inventory to place on the map. Once an item is used it cannot be returned to the inventory.

    Although accessible, the inventory is currently incomplete. The developers are likely to implement full functionality at a later time.

    [JUMPFROM]q16[/JUMPFROM]Q. Why is my unit not fully healed by the given time?
    Keywords: unit, heal, time, slow

    The healing time shown for each unit is per health point, one tenth of the unit's full health. Therefore each unit takes up to nine times longer than the specified time to heal, depending on how much it is damaged.

    [JUMPFROM]q17[/JUMPFROM]Q. What timezone does the game run on?
    Keywords: game, time, timezone, date, timestamp, server time

    The game currently runs on Central Europe Time (UTC+1 in winter, UTC+2 in summer), with two exceptions:
    • Tournaments dates are shown in United States Central Standard Time (UTC-6 normally, UTC-5 daylight savings).
    • Support System timestamps are shown in United States Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5 normally, UTC-4 daylight savings).

    [JUMPFROM]q18[/JUMPFROM]Q. Why is my diamond/premium purchase not working?
    Keywords: diamond, premium, how long, missing

    All premium issues should be addressed privately through the support system. To submit a ticket, please: click here.

    [JUMPFROM]q19[/JUMPFROM]Q. How can I use the items captured on the map?
    Keywords: loot, expansion, goods, good deposit, pvp, tower, sector

    The reward for each sector can only be used when all its provinces are captured. Some rewards are activated immediately whilst others only unlock bonuses for you to purchase.

    Loot is awarded immediately once the last province has been captured. The sum of coins, supplies and miscellaneous rewards shown in the icon's tooltip are immediately added to your account.

    Expansions become available for purchase once the last province has been captured, however they must be purchased then placed in your city manually. Each expansion costs an exponentially increasing amount of coins, but no supplies. You can use an expansion by opening the build menu and selecting the bottom expansion tab, marked by a 2x2 grid. [JUMPTO=q6]Click here[/JUMPTO] for more information.

    Good deposits
    Good deposits provide a passive bonus that activates immediately once the last province has been captured. Any production buildings for that good in your city, e.g. stone works for a stone deposit, produce goods five times more efficiently. This means you no longer produce 1, 2, 4 or 6 goods but 5, 10, 20 or 30 at a time for the same cost.

    PvP Towers
    Any battle points you earn are always attributed to the PvP Tower of your highest age unit, irrespective of whether you have captured the sector containing the tower. Once the last province has been captured, however, you will immediately be able to view the current rankings and tournament durations shown in the tower.

    [JUMPFROM]q20[/JUMPFROM]Why am I seeing a white screen?
    Keywords: white, screen, blank, box, bug, missing

    If a window is displaying as a white box, e.g. the purchase diamonds window, there is a problem with your browser configuration. Ensure you are using the latest version of both Adobe Flash Player and your browser of choice. If your problem continues, try using a different browser.

    Please note Internet Explorer (particularly older versions) does not manage browser games well. Most other browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, are better suited to browser games, perform faster, and provide far more features/add-ons.
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    Dear viceroys, njubles and parrots,

    Thank you for spending time answering questions from new players. We love you. I love you. Eew, no, not like that.

    I'd just like to remind you to try and keep your answers as polite and courteous as possible. Everyone learns at their own pace, this game is no exception. Being snarky only discourages newbies from becoming an active member of the forums, but more problematically it also discourages the hundreds of guests who see the newbie get scolded. It also leads to the search function becoming clogged with hundreds of threads that just say "go search".

    To fix that, here's a list of the top twenty most frequently asked questions, as provided by [USER]Dominotx711[/USER]. (She also contributed the pictures, so do thank her for that.) For your convenience, they also come with answers. So now instead of telling newbies to go search, you can quickly provide them with a direct link to a comprehensive answer. Just right click a question up the top and copy the link address -- simple!

    Keep up the good work,

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    Look see everyone, now I have been publicly put in my place ;)

    Seriously...I will do the pictures sometime today. I am enjoying my beloved Starbucks, and preparing for my football game.

    ~~Gator Nation BAAAABY~~
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    Updated a couple of answers in light of the Halloween quests.
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    Hey Diggo,

    In looking at the below question it might be good to add a comment about how decoration don't need to be connected via roads, but cultural buildings do. Thanks!

    Q. What is the difference between decorations and cultural buildings?
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    Good point! I added it just now, thanks :)
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    This was changed by an up-date, then changed again by another update, I believe. Can someone confirm that the chart is up-to-date?
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    over there
    That list is still accurate.
  9. Lanthano of Kruptos

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    In theory, but not in practice. I just inadvertently tested the 4-hour setting. Goods were spoiled at some point less than 4 hours after time due.
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    Since we don't have any other information than all other players, and since there's nothing regarding this in any of the recent changelogs, I guess it's up to the community to test this once again and provide a scientifically precise result ;-)
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    Is the underlined portion above no longer accurate? My tournament was listed to end at "7:52 PM." I checked at 7:15 PM Central Daylight Time (UTC-5) and it had already ended.
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    In all worlds when I go to accept invites, invite screen hangs for hours. Only way to exit is close browser. Someone please help ??
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    I think the neighborhood merging explanation is the old way. The current system is every 2 weeks and moves small groups into existing hoods instead of combining 2 different hoods, right?