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New Member
They want you to sit at 45 taverns? That is more than half my friends. Lucky to get 25 seats. Then spend 2500 silver? Not gonna happen. Lucky to fill my 14 seats in a day and a half. This is with 80 in the friends. Just another daily task to not be completed.


Well-Known Member
You can have upto 140 friends. It's a easy quest to complete if you're actively maintaining a active friends list. It's not so easy if you have a lot of inactive friends, a small friends list or are only passively attending to your friends list.

Go into your Town Hall Event History. Use the filters for "social interactions" and "friends". Aid from every page available in those filters. Now go through your friends. If you can still Aid them they haven't been Aiding your city within the last 5 days.

You don't need to do this every time you Aid, just any time you're looking to get rid of inactive players from your friends list to free it up for active players

What you do need to do however is try to Aid and Tavern Visit your friends list on a daily or near daily basis as then anyone going through their Town Hall event history will be aiding you as well


A good way to find active friends is to check who on your Friend’s list is very active and has the highest Tavern; tablecloth/seats. Cull your list of inactives and send all of the folks in their Taverns, friend requests. If your list is filed with that many inactive players, I would cull once a week for a few weeks.

After a while, folks doing the same thing will start sending you friend requests and you will have your FL full. I accept any and all that send requests, even those just starting a city. Once a month I go through and cull any that are not active. Make sure to keep up emptying your tavern also!! I do mine a few times a day and if needed, a partial empty before bed, as it will be full by morning. Also, while you are building your list, go through your friends list and check for Taverns that are available to visit several times a day. Their Taverns fill fast also and they empty several times a day. It may be fulI now, but in an hour, empty. The more you visit them, the more they will visit you. I know several folks who only visit by clicking on whomever is in their Tavern at the time, not from the list.

Those quests//challenges with anything Tavern are the easiest ones to complete, same with spending tavern silver.

Omaha the Greater

New Member
Here's what work for me for finding new friends who are active. I use the Town Hall to see who in my neighborhood is polishing/motivating regularly. I figure if they are spending time on their neighborhood, they also visit their friends on a regular basis. I almost always have 80 active friends. As soon as one is inactive for 5 days, they're gone and I invite someone active in my neighborhood.