[Guide] Understanding Why You are Attacked and Plundered and What to Do About It

Orius Maximus

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And keep in mind that the players who can generally beat you no matter what are the outliers and not the more typical members of a hood. I can usually beat most players regardless of defense, but I've also built up my attack considerably. There are a few players I run into like myself who are even tougher, but they're rare. Generally the big guys tend to be hardcore GvG types who shoot the attack up into the stratosphere, and they attack the hood when they're not fighting elsewhere. But I'm not a big GvG player myself, and I build for combat too.

A decent defense will usually stop the more average players. When I get attacked, there's more successful than failed defenses.
In my main city I only attack and plunder those neighbors that don't aid me. It serves a couple of purposes. First, they'll start aiding me or even better send me a friend request. Second, it's how I get my previous generation goods.

I aid daily, so I make a pretty good friend. I also make a reliably "bad neighbor". It's in all in my profile. My choice would be for people to aid me.
I can understand that to a degree as I aid everyone however when I have someone that continually attackes me I quit aiding that individual.
i attack and plunder everybody in the hood regardless if they aid or not...sometimes i get a PM about their aid to me and i inform them they are waisting their time. the only time i may quit plundering a city is when that person PMs me and we have a friendly discourse about the game. they show that they enjoy the game and want to learn more. also if any hoodie sends me a friend invite i will accept it. if i notice a hoodie has placed a fair amount of FP on a GB showing they are looking for BP or rewards then i'll back off them so as to not discourage their investments. i will never extort a player, but i have no qualms related to plundering everybody who does not collect their goodies in time : )

Lyrix of Camber

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I have found most players will return your Aid, thus when they hit the hood for the easy battle points, your city will be grayed. There are always players that like to attack, and attack, and attack, ad nauseam who just stomp all they can, all you can do is collect on time and leave 1 spearman so they get very few battle points.
Just as there’s players that like to be pillage and plunder... there are way more that just want to Forge On!
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ive always wondered about "battle points" being an issue, and the importance of winning PvP other than bragging rights...medals rewards from PvP mean little if anything to most players. i raid the hood for a few reasons my kraken needs to be used before next city collection and the same for my himeji triggers thus the hood...also i love to take plunder...but battle points? also the 50,000 fight medallion is another good reason

Kranyar the Mysterious

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leave 1 spearman so they get very few battle points.
If I am attacking through the neighborhood for quests/dc's/HC/etc. but not plundering and I come across a 1 anything defense I WILL go out of my way to plunder anything I can. So by trying to lock out the guy who's been plundering (and probably still will), you've now just added another plunderer to your city. Smart move!!!

And for your information, a 1 spearman defense doesn't give the fewest battle points...


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I am finding myself so busy with other aspects of the game that I am hitting the hood only once, maybe twice a rotation, if that much. I will check at the time and plunder if anything of use is laying around -- if I have the time. But... Like others, I will definitely plunder what I can from a one-anything DA city out of principle. Consider it a tuition fee.

But if you really want me to visit you, repeatedly, follow the ridiculous advice of some to place unboosted goods buildings as "traps". It's not cute; it only shows that someone is willing to sabotage their own city for spite rather than learn to use techniques freely presented here and elsewhere that do work. Lol, and I'm on the very casual end of things. What do you think a dedicated plunderer with time on his hands is likely to do?


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QUESTION: so you can only plunder buildings that have finished their production cycle (whether it be goods, coins, or supplies), correct? How then is it possible to plunder e.g. 2 Gold? Don't they come in 5 or 10 or 20 or 30 cycles?


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Yes, but you can only do it once you've researched Military Tactics in Iron Age tech. Then go to your Army Management screen to assign defense armies. On PC you just click the blue icon to the left, then click on the units you want to assign to defense. On mobile you have to tap the units you want to assign and then tap the blue button that is second from left. Units assigned to defense will never be lost to an attack, but if you also use them in your attacking army they can be lost there.
this is helpful!