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United Vikings is Recruiting

Discussion in 'Guild Hall' started by Braveheart The First, Dec 19, 2018.

  1. Braveheart The First

    Braveheart The First New Member

    Nov 6, 2017
    United Vikings is the #2 guild in Yorkton and we currently have a few spots open in our guild so I the guild recruiter am looking for a few members to join our wonderful guild. We are currently accepting players that....
    1.are GvG fighters and want to fight alongside our crew on a regular basis.
    2.are willing to learn GvG and fight alongside our crew on a regular basis.
    3.have a high level arc
    4.are currently pushing for a high level arc the right way by primeing and getting % drops from other players and are totally focused on this

    UV is almost at 80 members so we are very picky about who we let in if you do not fit the above requirements then this guild is not for you.

    United Vikings has some rules and guidelines to keep our guild running nicely and smoothly but for the most part we are a free spirit guild

    1.UV prides itself with having a GE participation average of 100% each week so to keep this impressive streak going we require each member to complete a minimum of 2 levels in GE that is 32 encounters we realize people have real life happen so if you think you wont be able to finish GE then approach eaither Braveheart or Xoddam Empire for an excuse we regularly clean out those who fall short of GE each week so its important to contact a leader if you will be absent

    2.UV does not accept drama or disrespect of its members or leaders.Causeing drama and disrespect will result in an instant boot we pride ourselves by being a respectful guild

    United Vikings has quite a few benefits and that include....

    1.3 FP from townhall
    2.Free market (we don't enforce fairtrade)
    3.high GE participation average
    4.GvG action daily on every map in every age
    5.a safe family-like guild in a respectful enviorment

    United Vikings is one of the strongest GvG guilds on Yorkton we pride ourselves with being located on every map if you are interested in a GvG General postion UV is always open to adding people to leadership although trusted rights are not handed out to everyone