Valentine's Event 2014


Valentine's event 2014

Dear Kings and Queens,

Love is in the air! The Forge of Empires Valentine's Event 2014 starts on Friday, February 7th and, this year, it's doomed couple Rose and Jack who are sinking fast and are in need of your help. The lovestruck pair have a series of challenges for you to meet but, in the end, their fate (and your reward!) will be determined by you.

The Tree of love awaits those of you who are determined enough to make it through our challenges. If you already have one, you'll be able to swap yours for an upgraded version. The event also includes new special avatars for you to win... but but you'll have to play the questline to obtain one!

The Valentine's Event lasts for 9 days and ends on February 16th.

We hope to see you there, and we wish you all the best this Valentine's Day!


The Forge of Empires team.

- The final closing quest for event questlines has been removed in the Valentine's event and will no longer be used. Previously, this final quest screen was a technical requirement in order to reserve a quest slot for special events which is why it was used, but recently the internal handling of quests was changed making this no longer necessary. We decided to remove it from this and future events, as it was annoying for some players having the quest icon linger after completing the story.

- The questline starts as a single quest, but then splits into two questlines running in parallel (one questgiver is Rose, the other is Jack). Towards the end of the event, the questlines merge back together again to a single quest slot.

-Your reward for the quest line may change based on the choices you make in completeing the quests.

Ok, obviously, it will definately change. I've never made that statement about an event quest line before, so there has to be a reason I said it this time.