[Poetry] Valentines Poem The Heart of the Matter


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  • [*=center]The Heart of the Matter

    As you arrive, I see you smile
    Reckless love on others your style.
    A glance procures an awesome response
    Of surety, calm and joys ensconced.

    In a wonder of it all, your eyes glisten
    A time to sit quiet, in love, you listen.
    To share me with all in a soft spoken way
    These are the things that make My day.

    A simple nod as you say My name.
    A tug at My sleeve when your heart is stained.
    To be flowing in unison, a loving embrace
    Of friend to friend as rumors erased.

    You seek My heart with a tear in your eye.
    No longer hiding for you have arrived.
    Tears on your cheeks that drip from your chin
    not from sin but the glow that you’re in.

    Yes My love our time always new,
    No time more precious than My time with you.
    With all the distractions and all of the clatter
    Know that I Am is at the heart of the matter.

    Happy Valentine’s,