Whats up with........

whats up with the words in some of the forums that are highlighted. If you put your mouse on it an ad appears for something unrelated. Is this something just in my computer or does everyone notice this?


If you notice something like that, please send us a message to let us know where. While we try to keep an eye on the forums, that doesn't necessarily mean we mouse over every word.
I hope its not just me (or maybe my comp. has been whatever) but computer in the above post is highlighted. it has 4 boxes you could click on and its sponsered by coupon campiagn plugin. I tryed earning some diamonds yesterday, i hope this isn't a result of that


that is you, I see no highlights. and certainly no links.

does anyone else see these?


Not me. I think it's an add-on/extension or something running on their browser. I've got a lot of those features either blocked or turned off on mine.
Got it. it was a program dealing with coupons. Uninstalled it and everything is back to normal. I was trying to get some diamonds by doing the survey things and somehow picked it up. I should have known better. Oh well thanks for the help