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Recent content by Tony 85 the Generous

  1. Approved for Voting One Down Kit

    I have not been in a guild where the lower age goods were ever at a shortage. At the same time I could see how that could possibly be, but would require a a very established guild full of players that were a high age and were none of them were traders (ie., selling goods to lower age players to...
  2. Approved for Voting Automatic Exit From Upgrade Mode When All Bldgs Have Been Upgraded

    The only time I note this happens is because the building changes size (such as the maypole. Do you have another example when the building does not change size and is placed backed into inventory after upgrading?
  3. So when is the server performance going to get way better?

    I wonder if any lag is due to an increase of the number of players online at that time or is it due to an increase in the number of players using auto-battle.
  4. So when is the server performance going to get way better?

    Even if the feedback from support is useless (and it very well may be), the date and time the ticket was filed in combination with the number of tickets will give valuable information. I profer these two analogies: Back during World War II, the RAF lost a lot of planes to German anti-aircraft...
  5. We should be able to see if a player is playing on mobile or pc

    If one player had access to multiple phones on multiple netowrks, and different PCs in multiple locations each on different networks backed by different ISPs, how would rate the comparison of speed between them? (ie., the same user able to compare all different variables; Android vs Apple, ISPs...
  6. We should be able to see if a player is playing on mobile or pc

    These are the first I have heard of players able to fight faster on PC than on mobile.
  7. We should be able to see if a player is playing on mobile or pc

    It would be nice to know as that is a factor in how fast one can fight. I can do 9 fights on PC in the same time as I can do 15-16 fights on mobile.
  8. Forum Changes Discussion thread

    I don't see how one can reorganize without moving or deleting. I certainly don't want anything to be deleted. To not move threads from one forum to another, the other option would be to close the existing subforum and move it to a "Closed Forum Area" and not allow any new threads in forums of...
  9. Skip Turn Button on Mobile

    On Mobile, why is the Skip Turn Button active all the time when fighting? For example, I enter a fight with 1 champion and 7 rougues versus 8 mounted. The Skip Turn button is lit and available but does nothing until it is my turn. In this scenario, the 8th move is my champion. The button should...
  10. Forum Changes Discussion thread

    There sub forum is titled 'Game Discussions and Feedback", and inside that subforum is a sub-subforum (is that a thing? LOL) for feedback called "Announcement Feedback". Mods start threads in the "Announcement Feedback" which gathers all such threads (a. kudos on the having this subforum and b...
  11. [Question] Antiques Dealer 2 day option

    When did the 2 day option in the Antiques Dealer get added (I see no mention of it from v 1.220 through 1.229, but I could have missed it)? How do you get access to it? On my screen it is grayed out.
  12. Forum Changes Discussion thread

    I have seen the announcement the Ideas subforum is already under revision. Pardon me if this forum change idea is duplicate. There are few if any ideas that can be proposed that are not an idea to modify or enhance a new feature. But what is "new"? When is a "new" feature no longer new? In most...
  13. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    Fortresses and traps have little effect on diamond league guilds. As you allude, the problem with being locked into your home base is that every hit on the surrounding sector is 1:1 attrition. While I don't necessarily agree with 0 attrition for hits on the adjacent sectors, some help would be...
  14. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    I would disagree that Inno cannot see players not spending diamonds on GBG. Inno could surely see that a player is buying diamonds and spending them outside of GBG and not inside. If I was looking at a report that shows a group of players participating in GBG, spending diamonds outside GBG and...
  15. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    That is not unlikely train of thought on their end. There is also the opposite side where some will not spend diamonds until it is addressed. The corallary to that would be, not only would more spend diamonds if the issues were addressed, but those spending and those not currently spending may...