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    Feb 22, 2015
    Edit 9/9 Done Peddling for a while, experimenting with WW Diamond Drop percentahes

    Peddling is fun, profitable, and educational. Ask if you want some tips on hiow it wworks best/


    Hi, I’m Algona the Peddler. I travel from Guild to Guild buying, selling, and trading Goods, FPs, Guild Power, GE, GvG fighting, advice, whatever folk want. Message me in game if you’d like me to visit your Guild and what you’d like me to do while I am there.

    I am firmly encamped in CE and have 8 HoF producing 2K Guild power per day and looking to add more. I fight 64/64 GE generating approximately 310k GE points per week. I have a lvl 80 Arc and pay my own way in GE. I have a large stockpile of Goods of all Eras through CE specializing in ProgE (Traz and CF) Goods. I’m an experienced GvG fighter and manager with a fair to large number of troops in each Era and will build barracks to support more.

    I’ve played for over 3 years, I’m pretty good at the game, and am happy to help with advice if asked. Until I started this adventure, I’ve been in one Guild, Dogstar Demons, my entire time playing. I was the day to day manager for 2 years. Great Guild, highly recommended, if I tire of the peddler life I’ll be heading back. I’ve camped in various Eras, sprinted through others, farmed RQs, used mundane and esoteric strategies. I experiment a lot, the peddler life is one of those experiments and I hope a great way to learn more.

    I look forward to doing business with you and learning more about the game.

    Algona, the Peddler.


    Some stuff to know:

    MESSAGES: Do NOT send me random Trade or GB offers, message me first so we can agree on terms. Please do not delete PMs with me until I leave the Guild, I use PMs to track the status of transactions and as a reminder for me and you of what we have done. This is to your advantage I sometimes am more generous in costs or terms to repeat customers.

    GEBERAL: Caveat Emptor! I am in this for profit, but I recognize that I have to be ethical and reasonable because ultimately I depend on my reputation to make this work. I do not spy; I will not divulge secrets even after I move on. I do not snipe GBs unless asked by the owner or the GB is opened up to the Guild. I do not cheat nor will I help a player or Guild cheat. Customers are encouraged to leave feedback in this thread. I reserve the right t comment on your Guild in this thread as well as any specific players who leaves feedback in this thread.

    GUILD RILES: I will obey all Guild rules. I reserve the right to place disadvantageous to me trades in the market; for example 100 if my Iron for 90 Cloth.

    DSCOUNT FPS:: Message me in game for a bid. I sell FPs at a discount equal to 1.5 times the Reward I receive. For Example: Your Zeus has no FP on it at lvl 2. Next level costs 100 FP, locking first costs 50 FP. Reward is 10 FP. Discount = 10 FP *1.5 = 15 FP. You pay 35 FP for my 50 FP contribution.

    PRICES: Always message me in game first. No deal takes place until we have agreed on all terms. No payments made in advance, if you try to make a payment in advance of fully completed negotiations it will be considered a voluntary and free contribution. I am still hammering put Prices for Goods, but it will most likely be in the range of 10 Goods per FP ProgE or below and 5 Goods per FP Modern through CE.

    QUESTIONS: Message me in game of you have any questions.
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    Feb 14, 2018
    Nice Resume' brother. :)
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    Oct 1, 2015
    I am a satisfied customer :D
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    Feb 22, 2015
    Week one was a fine start. First mistake, leaving my 80 member Guild shortly after collecting my city, I should have waited to receive some mo/po,. Note to self , leave in the evening.

    I scanned Guilds with auto join. Looking for Guilds with a fair number of members, say 60+, with a membership that mught be interested in CE or below Goods. GEC participation a huge plus.

    First two Guilds were busts, mirror images. 70+ members, Level 20+-5, some GEC places. Join, post my greeting message in Guild thread, wait 8 hours. No responses at all. I mean none. No chatter, no hello, no bueno. Scrounge a few trades from small markets (less then 100 total trades in the marketplace) each and wander on. Makes you wonder what they do, why they bother being in a guild. One of the reasons to follow the Way of the Peddler is to experience and learn new things, but being bored stiff is not of them.

    Third Guild was a fine place, Peaceful Prairie. 77th ranked Guild, 60 or so members, good activity, they opened lvl 4 at my request. Seems like a fine Guild, I I made a mistake here, I didn;t advertise myself enough the first couple days.. Did have a wonderful rifddle and joke session for arounf 8 hours on Saturday (5/5) including a knock knock joke that got me slugged by Mrs. ;Gona. They'll go on my 'to visit again' list. Rolled out Sunday night. Fair profii. Thanks for the warm welcome, Peaceful Prairie.

    Did not need to scan for a new Guild. Got an invite from a Guild Founder, wanted to know if i would join the new (1 week old!) Guild?

    That seems like a great opportunity to learn new things and a completely new market? I'm in! I'll describe my experiences some time next week.

    Side note: Just read SJS summary on his diary of DCs, "My First Attempt at Daily Challenge". Great thread, awesome summary. Very happy to see SJS back after his forum hiatus.
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    May 1, 2017
    Good for you Algona - need more wandering minstrels
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    Feb 22, 2015
    Catching up... Week of 5/7 I was invited to join a new Guild, The Gold Standard. Minimum Guild Requirement of complete lvl 3 GE.

    The Guild was humming with excitement. The core had sharded the week before from an older Guild that was not dedicated to GE.

    Really enjoyable week. Lots of trade opportunities, lots of learning and teaching, I lke these people and hope they do well. If you are looking for a Guild dedicated to GE this is a good group to look at. Remember that GE lvl 3 Requirement though. Contact 160 the Hawk if interested. Tell him Al sent you. I'll be jhappy to put them on the circuit. Around 20 members and they need to grow to be agood market for me. I expect them to grow though.

    Kinda reminded me of the ol' high school football days. We thought we were a good team, but it was all excitement, nravado, and nerves until we played our first game. Turned outf we were a good team. Same for The Gold Standard. They killed it.

    The week I was there I did my 64, they were at 111% when I wandered off. The following week they did better.


    Next week (start 5/14) was another crap shoot. More drone Guilds, 70+ members, little to no activity, no trading, waste of time. What do these people do when they are playing?

    Stumbled a cross a fine Guild. Funky Mutiny, a smaller Guild. Not the frenetic energy of Gold Stamdard, nut that;s OK, I needed a week to unwind.

    Despite on;y 23 members, a good market. I was pretty sick the entire week, so I was nowhere near as active as I should have been, but I will make it a point to visit them on the next circuit. Did get my 64 in.


    The following week, more Drone Guilds. How does a 70 member mid teens level Guild not have a single entry in the Guild Thread for 3 weeks? Aside from an endless list of 'Algona joined the Guild' followed by 'Algona left the Guild'; Me and about 50 others.

    Random.Yutz from a drone guild I;d left behind hours before PMs me telling me my fiscount FP deal is unfair. I respond by telling him that since i won't be visiting his Guild again and i don't have the time or inclination to educate him in RoI theory, succesful FP strategies, or game fundamentals which based on his cruddy city he so sorely needs. He squawks a couple more messages, I idon;t respomd.nore. I want to play nice with potential customers, but a crappy player in a crappy Guild?

    BTW, I won't be mentioning the names of Guilds or players I have bad experiences with except for someone who flagrantly cheats me.

    Did eventually find a good looking Guild for the week of 5/21. More about them next week.


    I'm working on techniques to quickly show I am actively looking for business. Chatting up the Guild Thread. riggles, jokes,, dropping some disadvantageous to me trades to gauge how often people check the market,, other things

    If you were new to a Guild and wanted to attract good attention what would you do? I'm starting to think i need to adapt a snake oil side show mentality...
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    Feb 22, 2015
    tl; dr Algona the Peddler is back on the road. First tour was a success: fun, profitable, educational. PM me or send me a Guild Invite in MK if you want me to visit your Guild.

    I had not planned on posting in the Forums again until I felt sure that certain changes I think needed are implemented. So far, no. But i've been asked to update this because apparently some folk are curious about this experiment and it turns out there are a few folk in MK who are reading this and it; seems to be good advertising.


    The first tour was a success. I made a bundle of FPS, added 60+ levels on random GBs of mine, traded, bought, and sold tens of thousands of Goods, learned a lot and met some great folk.

    I was on the road through the end of June, I stayed with 8 Guilds for a week each. Each Guild but one was a pleasure to visit. I will nor badmouth anyone in this thread, but I will comment below about the Guild I was disappointed in. i also stopped in and visited/evaluated scores of drone Guilds. (Drones - Guilds with lots of people but no activity. No trades, no GE, no social interaction, no chatting, no GvG, no nothing.)

    I spent July resting and replenishing my stock of Goods with the Dogstar Demons. I'm heading back on the road at least through September.


    Tip: Focus on one Era of Goods. I started the first tour producing Cape and Inno Goods By week 8 I had sold out of both (around 20 sold combined) and realized that even though i have a large (121 Expansions) CE city, I can't produce two Eras worth of Goods at a significant rate, The unrefined Goods needed for PME Goods was killing me. I retooled my city for just Inno Goods, production is up significantly and I don;t have to chase Inda Goods.

    Trading (repeat: TRADING) between Eras above LMA is a nightmare. Some folks want to use, some want 1:2 and 2:1. I used reverse Gordian Knot Solution. I just don;t do it. Happy to sell goods and buy goods and then make the trades, but I just gave up trying to defend why I want to do things the way I want.

    Speaking of, some folk never did understand that I was in this for profit. They thought I should be happy tp make all sorts of Goods trades or FP Donations all day long with absolutely no profit and would get pissy when I asked where this was going or what was in it for me.

    Those Guild Leaders who were AWOL: Who does that? Abandon a Guild of 50+ players hanging for weeks on end? I wrote the two idiots, chewing them out, and heard back from one a few weeks later. Yutz was not able to answer the simple question of why they didn't appoint someone else before going on vacations? "We're a do as you like Guild with no rules." Interesting defense for screwing 50+ players.

    But the good times far outweigh the odd negative situations. Lots of laughs, lots of help given and received many interesting viewpoints,

    There's a lot of nice folk out there, enthusiastic, smart, good players.

    Time to go meet some more of you.
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    Feb 22, 2015
    Change of pace. retiring from Peddling for now. New experiment: I'm out to determine a reasonably accurate WW/FoY Diamond drop percentage.

    I've put 20 WW and 30 FoY in my city. I will not be tracking whether Diamonds come from WW or FoY

    As a spinoff, I'll be producing lots of ProgE Goods which I sel at 10 Goods per FP. No longer selling Goods past ProgE.

    I'll annotate each day the number of hits on Diamonds.

    Total: 21 hits, 2250 Attermpts.

    Sep 2018: 10 hits, 16 days, 800Attempts.
    Oct 2018: 11 hits, 29 syas, 1450 Attempts.

    10/31: 1
    10/30: 3
    10/29: 0
    10/28: No Collection 5091, 5 hits on Halloween, great week in GE, rapid advancement n startup.
    10:27: 1
    10/26: 1
    10/25: 0
    10/24: 0
    10/23: 0
    10/22: 0
    10/21: 0
    10/20: 0 4041 (Total Diamonds as of this date, gonna track how fast I'm earning Fiamonds, includes GE from 2 cities, next entry at 5K.)
    10.19: 1
    10/18: No Collection
    10/17: 0
    10/16: 1
    10/15: 0
    10/14: 0
    10/13: 0
    10/12: 0
    10/11: 0
    10/10: 0
    10/9: 0
    10/8: 0
    10/7: 1
    10/6: 0
    10/5: 0
    10/4: 0
    10/3: 1
    10/2: 1
    10/1: 0

    9/8: 2
    9/9: 0
    9/10: 0
    9/11: 2
    9/12: 2
    9/13: 1
    9/14: 0
    9/15: 0
    9/16: 1
    9/17: 0
    9/18: 0
    9/19: 0
    8/20: 0
    9/21: No Collection
    9/22: 0
    9/23: 0
    9/24: No Collection
    9/25: No Collection
    9/26: No Collection
    9/27: No Collection
    9/28: No Collection
    9/29: 2
    9/30: 0
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    Feb 22, 2015
    Running 50 WW/FoY in my city.

    Total: 21 hits, 2250 Attermpts.

    Sep 2018: 10 hits, 16 days, 800Attempts.
    Oct 2018: 11 hits, 29 syas, 1450 Attempts.Running 40 WW/FoY

    11/1: 0
    11/2: 0
    11/3: 1
    11/4: 0
    11/5: 0
    11/6: 0
    11/7: 1
    11/8: 1
    11/9: 1 6061, then bought 2 Expansions. 4461.
    11/10: 0
    11/11: 0
    11/12: 1
    11/13: 2
    11/14: 1
    11/15: 0
    11/16: 1
    11/17: 0
    11/18: No Collection
    11/19: 0 Started Diamond payment to Collect.
    11/20: 0
    11/21: 0
    11/22: 0 5051.
    11/23: 0
    11/24: 0
    11/25: 0
    11/26: 0
    11/27: 3
    11/28: 2
    11/29: 0
    11/30: 1
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    Feb 22, 2015
    Running 50 WW/FoY in my city.

    Total: 36 hits, 3700 Attempts.

    Sep 2018: 10 hits, 16 days, 800 Attempts.
    Oct 2018: 11 hits, 29 days, 1450 Attempts.
    Nov 2018: 15 hits 29 days, 1450 Attempts

    12/31: 0
    12/30: 0
    12/29: 1
    12/28: 0
    12/27: 0
    12/26: 1
    12/25: No Collection. Go figutre,
    12:24: 1
    12/23: 0
    12/22: 0
    12/21: 0
    12/20: 0 7036
    12/19: 0
    12/18: 2
    12/17: 1
    12/16: 0
    12/15: No Collection
    12/14: 2
    12/13: 3
    12/12: 0
    12/11: 2
    12/10: 0
    12/9: 0
    12/8: 0
    12/7: 0
    12/6: 1 6056
    12/5: 1
    12/4: 0
    12/3: 0
    12/2: 1
    12/1: 0
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    Feb 22, 2015
    Happy New Year, I need to edit this with updated totals.

    Running 50 WW/FoY in my city.

    Total: 52 hits, 5150 Attempts.

    Sep 2018: 10 hits, 16 days, 800 Attempts.
    Oct 2018: 11 hits, 29 days, 1450 Attempts.
    Nov 2018: 15 hits 29 days, 1450 Attempts
    Dec 2018: 16 hits, 29 Days, 1450 Attempts

    1/31: 0
    1/30: 0
    1/29: 1
    1/28: 2
    1/27: 1
    1/26: 0
    1/25: No Collection
    1/24: 0
    1/23: 0
    1/22: 0
    ]1/21: No Collection
    1/20: 2 9229
    1/19: 0
    1/18 No Collection.
    1/17: 1
    1/16: 0
    1/15: 1
    1/14: 0
    1/13: 0
    1/12: 0
    1/11: 0
    1/10: 0
    1/9: 2
    1/8: 1
    1/7: 0
    1/6: 0
    1/5: 0
    1/4: 1
    1/3: 1 8036
    1/2: 1
    1/1: 1
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    Feb 22, 2015
    Collecting 10 K WW/FoY to see what the drop rate is. Running 50 WW/FoY in my city.

    Total: 67 hits, 6550 Attempts. Two thirds of the way there.

    Sep 2018: 10 hits, 16 days, 800 Attempts.
    Oct 2018: 11 hits, 29 days, 1450 Attempts.
    Nov 2018: 15 hits 29 days, 1450 Attempts
    Dec 2018: 16 hits, 29 Days, 1450 Attempts
    Jan 2019: 15 Hits, 28 Says, 1400 Attempts

    2/18: 0
    2/17: No Collection
    2/16: 1
    2/15: 1
    2/14: 1
    2/13: 0
    2/12: 0
    2/11: 1
    2/10: 0
    2/9: 0
    2/8: 0
    2/7: 1
    2/6: 0
    2/5: 0
    2/4: 0
    2/3: 0 9039
    2/2: 3 8819. 2 CE Diamond Expansions @ 800, Nice GE run and new Era.
    2/1: 1 10K
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