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Oct 22, 2019 at 1:14 AM
    1. Oswyn the kind
      Oswyn the kind
      'ello mate...i just setup my 6th and hopefully final city in mt killmore. I sent you friend invite.
    2. Dursland
      I laughed for like 2 solid min reading that report.
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    -How to not lose your Goods. When you want to make Goods ask: ‘When will I next be on to get my Goods?’ Then make the goods for that long. *
    =Listen to Glarg. Even when he's wrong, he's right.
    -There's no better place for Therin4 than San Diego!
    -“There are three reasons to attack a player much lower than you. One is for points, two is for plundering and three is to look for the forum post crying about it not being fair. Looks like someone got the hat-trick here.” JennyButler, 1/1/16
    -graham of daventry: giving INNO fanbois a bad reputation on the Forums since 2/13/17
    -Tired of being bullied? "Pro tip: stay in an age until YOU are a bully." Ognor the Hood, 1/12/18
    -“It's rational to accept that people are sometimes irrational.” Jaelis, 1/6/16

    *The concept of Collect On Time explained in words of one syllable for those that don’t get it