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[Guide] Attacking with troops (Basics)



Each troop Is one of many based on primary troop types in the FOE circle of life.(heavy, light, fast, range, and artillery){there also rouges and champions but champions are fast with single stat buffs and rouges can move quickly take a single hit if other units exist and then copy the stats of one of your other units}
Similar to other games there are power advantages and movement advantages.
Fast troops like Heavy Knights can go after cannon and cannon can take out slow or unprotected units like archers and imperial guard

I made this to help as a quick reference for attacking GE
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Great design, simple yet effective. My question is when fighting against cannon types, is it the most impactful to race across the field and try to take them out with your first several moves then go from there?


If the opposition is all long range artillery type units, you want to charge to engage as fast as you can. This can be with Fast units who can cross the map quickly, Ranged units that don't have to go quite so far but can still reach them, or your own Long Range Artillery (and rogues mixed in to take some of the shots and become more attack units). I find I never have enough boost to 1 shot kill, but will have a unit that can 2 shot kill. You want to pick the units that will take the most damage from them before dying.

If the force is mixed, the Artillery tend to be the last targets of mine, as they do the least damage, so you want to take out the more dangerous forces first, as you move across the map. In the mixed situation, any type of unit, except perhaps heavy, will be able to take on the Artillery, as while they don't have an 'official' weakness, then are just naturally weak. When the opposition is mixed Artillery and other units, you do need to change you tactics a bit, as you can't just sit and wait for the other units to come to you, but need to be more proactive in engaging and eliminating them.


You should always aim to take out ranged and artillery first, to eliminate any threats which attack you from range. Then take out the other, foot units.


I personally tend to take out the artillery near the end, because they tend to do the least damage, and are the farthest away. It depends a lot on thge exact conditions of the battle what you need to get rid of first. Ranged units tend to do enough damage that you want to remove them quickly before that can gang up on one of your units.


Problem with this image is that effectiveness vs troops change drastically in later ages.

In ME and PME Light units are super effective vs Heavy units.

Anyway an actual battle guide would be cool, tactics and all. If there's not one we should make it.