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Ban you! game


Well-Known Member
I ban you because you are mocking the Apple ecosystem, which is quite compatible and user-friendly. One Apple device, using iOS, can connect to all other Apple devices. Mac, Watch, iPod, iPad, iPhone, AirPods, Vision Pro, Apple TV, HomePod, etc... This is because they all use iOS and are developed by the same company, designed for compatibility and user-friendliness. Androids do not have such an ecosystem because, although they are all using Android, they are made by different companies. Samsung, Motorola, and Google are just some examples of the many companies in the business. Google is currently working on a way to increase the compatibility between Google phones and Apple phones. Currently, Apple is a standout, as no other major phone brand has its own operating system, but this could change. Google is working to make Apple/Google relationships better. Along with better text-messages, many things could change. Apple has already adapted the USB-C port, throwing away the outdated Lightning port. Many things are changing in the mobile device industry, and we are here to witness it. And give them free money.

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
I ban you because I did not contradict my self. I merely realized I also am an insufferable busybody.

I would have been contradicting myself if I had instead claimed I am doing it to promote Justice for all good people everywhere or some other similar virtue signaling drivel.