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Castle System Feedback


FOE Team
Community Manager
Read all about the NEW Feature - Castle System here.
Should you have any comments or questions, please check our FAQ below the Announcement or just let us know! We're looking forward for your feedback here!

Your Forge of Empires Team


Active Member
Starting on level 3 the Reward Box provides Previous Era goods, in the Bronze Age will this be additional Bronze Age goods?

DeFender of Yore

New Member
This was very well thought out and i am looking forward to seeing how this will greatly aid players advancement. The castle graphic designers did an outstanding job with the digital architecture and color scheme. Level 15 is a very eye appealing building. Great job Inno team!


New Member
It sounds like a good thing and seems like it'll be fun so I'm looking forward to see it and getting started. I love that it may encourage more members in guilds participation in the GE's. Wish it would include incentives to participate the battleground too though.