Contest day 1

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There are problems uploading the modified photo to this reply screen. The following is a list of the differences between the photos:
1. The spire on the dome is missing.
2. The decorative knob on top the first lamp post is missing.


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at first glance I found two with the top of the building different in the center of the screen and the girl missing on the firth of the screen by the lamp post. I am out of time to find any more.

Rober Da Bruce

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I found 4 differences from left to right.
1.) The left lamp post has no top cover nut.
2.) The capital has no spire.
3.) Missing lamp to the right of the capital building.
4.) Missing Lady to the right of the street car.Changed.jpg


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There are 2 differences, the spire is missing on the Cupola of the Domed building and the the lady figure is missing on the right beside the lamp post.


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There are seven differences.
1. Chimney on left is missing its smoke
2. Leftmost lamp post is missing the knob from the top
3. The Capitol is missing the statue from the top
4. There's a person missing from the crowd in front of the Capitol
5. There's a red banner missing from the right of the Capitol
6. A spire in the skyline has been shortened
7. The woman to the right of the trolley is missing



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#1-lady (in the middle off in the distant)

#2-lady (up closer by the building to the right)

#3-smoke (missing from stacks on building on the left)

#4-statue (missing on top of the dome on the building in the middle of picture)

#5-pole (missing pole with flag/banner attached off in the distant to the right of the big building with the statue missing on the dome)

#6-topnotch (building to the right of the steeple with what looks like a bell tower is missing it’s topnotch)

#7-topnotch (the closes Light Pole on the left is missing the topnotch)


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