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Fastest and strongest in Jaims


So now PA is gone, I'm TOP DAWG, I'm the best fighter now big BOIS

Super Catanian

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Say the kid that watches yu gi oh
I don't even watch it LOL. I play it, because it is an epic strategy game, one of those games that makes you think and plan ahead. Those types of strategy games are the best. Try it, your IQ might double. But 0 times 2 is still 0, so that might not work.

and if you dont care why you here big boi
Nobody cares about your antics or your so-called awesomeness. Watching people praising themselves always amuses me, because there is nothing funnier than watching a fool make a bigger fool out of themselves in their own foolish world while I watch from the comfort of my home. Keep doing what you're doing; it gives many of us a good laugh.


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Livestream day, I'll bring the popcorn.

Wait, shoot. Social distancing... ah well. Some things are worth it.


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So now PA is gone, I'm TOP DAWG, I'm the best fighter now big BOIS
You might be the fastest, strongest? Doubt it.
A few measurements to know how strong you are:
Your attack bonus %
Your gbs level
Your daily fps income
Your fps stock
Your medal count


I would like to see a match between @aprusfire's "speed and skills" and @tuckerkao's Colonial Champions. Winner gets a year's supply of Alabaster and -175 in every GBG during that year. What do you say, boys?
@aprusfire easily. He is capable of taking on real challenges rather than suckering stupid/impatient plunderers or sniping noobs who don't know anything about GBs. Tuck's got a city in Jaims, but it's only EMA while ap's up in VF, so no matchup there for the foreseeable future.
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