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    Genghis Khan is known for uniting the nomadic Mongol tribes and establishing the largest contiguous empire in history.

    Dear Players,

    We have a new historical questline for you! This time, as you can see, we will tell you the story of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire which at its peak extended from the Pacific Ocean to Central Europe.
    Our game designers Thi and Kurt have prepared a little video to give you an impression of the questline.

    Remember that you can enable subtitles!
    The questline will start on October 10th. If you manage to complete all the quests by October 15th, you will get a unique portrait of Genghis Khan and a new building in the Baroque Garden style: Botanical Rotunda - it will provide you with happiness and an attack boost. As a nice additional effect, if you build it, you will be able to spot Genghis Khan himself riding his horse in your city (make sure that your animations are enabled)!

    Genghis Khan died in 1227. Traditional accounts say he died from a fall off a horse.

    The Forge of Empires Team
    P.S.: We value your feedback greatly, so don't forget to comment HERE!
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