Great Building Attachments in the Messaging System

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    Dear Queens and Kings,

    As you know, contacting other players, especially in guilds, is the key to success. Therefore, we are very proud to present our newest improvement to the Forge of Empires messaging system: Great Building attachments!

    Thanks to this new feature you can link to a specific Great Building of yours directly in your message threads!
    Just use the new icon in the corner of the message window:


    Then, pick the Great Building you want to link to from the list and hit "Send":

    Then, add a message explaining why you're linking to one of your Great Buildings:

    The recipient can then click directly on the "Open" button which will result in opening the contribution window for that particular Great Building.

    We hope you will find this improvement useful :). It will become available on October 11th. Feel free to share your opinions in the feedback thread!

    Thank you for playing Forge of Empires!

    The Forge of Empires Team

    PS As you see, the "Send Attachment" window also features a "Trade Offers" tab - that part of the feature is coming later :). Thank you for your patience!
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