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Guild Battlegrounds Feedback

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Please leave your feedback here in this thread and we'll look into your ideas and opinions. We'll collect feedback for the next two weeks (until 3rd June 2019), integrate feedback into the concept and share an update within 3 weeks (by 10th June 2019). We will also hold a live Q&A on Facebook & Instagram on the 22nd May 2019 at 17:00 CEST (15:00 UTC). We hope you understand the reasons for this step and look forward to your feedback. Forge of Empires is played by millions of amazing players and together, we will make it even better!

Sincerely yours,

Your Forge of Empires Team


From what I understand, attrition will limit the number of provinces that a fighter can acquire (based on the concept that attrition will make it increasingly more difficult to battle). Is there a similar mechanism to limit the number of provinces that a negotiator can acquire? Will the negotiations become increasingly more expensive?


GvG is the most boring part of FoE, an antiquated game design long abandoned by the vast majority of players. Better you take all that time and resources allocated for this dinosaur and create new and exciting material for our players! Mars and Beyond!!!


First and most of important thing.. can you avoid people from cheating? We ve been facing some lags occasionally when facing certain guild. And they can do siege and place DA very fast outstandingly. it's beyond normal human fingers clicking. Rumor said they are using mouse macro and have a 'direct' line to your server.
the battle has to be fair, or otherwise it's wont be attractive. We ve losing some senior members because they are frustrating about this unsolved issues


A couple things.
1) You stated you didn't believe it would get more players doing GvG by opening new ages because currently very few people play on the AA map. There are 2 things wrong with that assumption. On every world I play on The AA map is dominated by the top 2 or 3 Guilds, and the reason is simple, no goods are needed for sieges, only medals, and anyone with a decent level arc has millions of medals. So, the cost of sieges is meaningless, making it possible for a guild to own half the AA map. Secondly, mobile users do not have easy access to GvG, and the majority of new users are mobile users.
2) You haven't really been very specific about the new GvG so it is difficult to have an opinion. I do feel the current GvG is awkward and does not run well causing the need for frequent reboots during battle


New Member
Myself and several others play FOE purely for the GvG experience and have for several years. This sounds like you are taking a highly enjoyable element of the game and making it into a puffed up version of GE. I assume this means you will be replacing the current GvG with this new system? If that is incorrect then that's good but if it's accurate then the awesome GvG element will sadly be lost. This new system removes all strategic elements that we've all enjoyed for several years. Not impressed with this so-called month's long study where you seem to have not talked to people who actually play GvG. Sure there are no in-game tutorials but that doesn't stop us from training new people to play GvG. To simply say that it won't be taken to mobile because you feel it won't be played is a slap in the face to all of us who do play it and use alternative browsers to enable mobile users to play it. Coming out with new maps to use with advanced troops would make it relevant and enjoyable but instead, you just say 'it's complicated'.


Interesting concept
What I would like to see is that the battle time is not linked to server time and allows people from different timezone to play for the guild
I also agree to this... the battles mostly are finished only in 3-5 min after recalc. though we cant stay in front of computer all days as well.
Higher age goods are wasted : what AF, OF, VF goods in the treasury are for?


I am personally excited that you have interest in allowing mobile players to access a new or old GvG pocess. The mobile version of FoE has brought a ton of new players to the game, yet the old-timers (like me) need their help with attack and defense on GvG maps which they currently can not provide.
A new GvG system may be the easiest fix to the game. I am not a programmer, but I do understand the complexity of the current GvG system! If the new system would, somehow, inherit the old system rewards to guilds that are currently ranked; I am all for it!
I know your goal is to attract new players, the old-timers (like me), remember how GvG made their guilds historically powerful; the new (mobile) players do not realize, nor do they care because they can not participate.
I think that revising the GvG process to include mobile players would be the greatest achievement FoE could make!


I agree to this proporsition - Guild Battlegrounds. But when you are developing this feature, I'd like to suggest to keep in mind, that Guild Expedition is popular, because it doesn't require all or many members to be online at the same time. GvG, in contrary, requires to be online many players at once. And in reality it's difficult to get many players online, especially in such cases when players in a guild are from different citie, countries, etc. So if game developers are able to figure out how to improve Guild Battlegrounds by allowing members NOT to be online at the same time, then it would be huge success.


Well-Known Member
I like it.

I think the thing that was hurting GvG the most was that it was dominated by the strongest guilds.

Also the fact that it's mostly about auto-ing a trillion times a day...

I think it will be hard to totally mitigate this, but the new rules and new form are really interesting.


I feel by adding a guild battleground feature to mobile it will worsen the overall experience. Mobile games tend to be limited when it comes to features- there is only so much you can do with a touch screen. This feature has the ability to add some depth of content to the game- trying to make this compatible with mobile could make it yet another shallow grindish feature.

I could be wrong, I'm hoping for inno to surprise me.


finally!! i have asked for a long time..
1) have players can only go back 3 era/ ages... to many virtual era players play in early mid, late mid and colonial age.. you would think they would not bother but it is easy for them.. with attack boost 600-700+ like shooting fish in a barrel.
2) virtual era player and all other ages and eras back 3 thus virtual era would only be able to play in virtual , ocean, arctic, and future eras only!! nothing lower
this is supposed to be GVG not 1-3 players out of the guild that hog everything.
3) no auto battle!!!!!!! if you can not fight time to learn!!
4) no more then 5 players per era age attacking at one time.. to often i see entire sectors get wiped out in less then 2 minutes.. what a rip off!!
5) no more then 2 sectors per age /era per 24 hours recalc.. how many times i have seen 6-7-8 sectors taken in minutes only to be blow off them map!! in 1 night!! why bother if it is that easy to lose all of your hard work in just minutes....

this has been a long time coming would like to see all of these changes so all can play and have a real chance of winning and staying on amp map.. fair for everyone!!

Ta 152H

Active Member
Will GvG be removed, or just this added?

Seems unimaginative and plodding to me, but it's hard to say before the implementation, so I could be wrong. It certainly doesn't seem like a wonderful new idea, but more one repackaged from existing ideas.


You have my wholehearted approval for this new feature.

I do not play GvG, because it seems too involved. This seems to be a whole lot more accessible.

One downside of the present GvG appeared to be that you would fare best, if you could bring a substantial number of players of your guild online, simulatenously. That is difficult if your membership is spread far and wide over timezones and work schedules. The new concept addresses that.

One question: Various buildings, including GB, give Guild Support Pool. It would be nice if that feature came to benefit the participants in the new Guild Battle game. That way, even if you never play GvG, I will get some use out of the Support Pool aspect of my buildings, after all.


There appears that by YOUR Own WORDS.....GvG is very complicated....It also is Owned By the Bigger Guilds......This "NEW" Add on does Appear to Be a Puffed Up Version of GE......which Again Will give Advantage to the Bigger Guild.......Make the Game a Level Playing Field......tcc
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