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Guild Battlegrounds Feedback

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My biggest issues are the glitches that occur during GVG participation, ie having to reload during battles - this frequently happens if a "time issue" - also, seems some other guilds are able to place sieges / DAs in super human speed - fix the current tech issues before adding new features or other changes - don't try to mask existing problems and create new ons


My biggest issues are the glitches that occur during GVG participation, ie having to reload during battles - this frequently happens if a "time issue" - also, seems some other guilds are able to place sieges / DAs in super human speed - fix the current tech issues before adding new features or other changes - don't try to mask existing problems and create new ons

"Besides that, and over the next few months, we will, however, spend additional time to improve the technical stability of GvG, because the efforts we put into analysis the whole topic made some good improvements visible, that we would like to implement for you."

That's exactly what they say they'll be doing over the next couple of Months.


I was a big player of world at arms, and they have a weekly Global Conquest. Not that you should copy it, but it had a ton of cool team features. Here are the important details and ideas to encourage participation. Not sure if it's too late to incorporate ideas, but here goes:

  1. Conquest lasted for 3 days, Friday, Sat, Sun (the length is not important, just that it is weekly). Each team did NOT have to enroll in the weeks competition. If your team did not enroll you just did not earn points or move forward that week. This way you don't have stale teams not doing anything in the competition. You want to be competing against active guilds and you want everyone else to be also. Going up against teams that aren't trying is not good or fair to the ones that get paired with active guilds. This was also a benefit if you have key players out, this way team members don't waist resources when you know you can't win. Shorter is better. A guild officer had to actually enroll in the competition (GE should be the same way! We want competition! We don't want to be at 100% and the next guild we are matched up against is at 10%....boring).
  2. There were rounds in each conquest. Points were allocated by round, then it would reset. Rounds lasted 3 hours, with a 1 hour pause between each round for players to recoup / regroup (exact time frame doesn't matter here as much as the concept). This way, if one guild is based in different time zones, they don't get punished for it. It's more a global game. It also rewards guilds that are diversified. Basically, every 4 hours, a new round and new set of points to win. This also makes teams strategize more. Maybe this week, a team skips rounds 5 and 6 because of outside obligations, and focuses more on the other rounds. Out of X amount of rounds each, we know we need to win a certain number to come out on top. At the end, the team with most points got the rewards. This just allows more diversity and strategy.
  3. Within each round there were mini quests. For example: Takeover 3 enemy sectors was worth an extra 20 points. Defend 4 sectors this round worth 50 points. Own the highest value sector was worth 100. The mini quests added another element of strategy to each round.
  4. There were both personal and team rewards. Players that were in the top say 80 got prizes based on their position. As long as a player contributed a minimum amount of points, they would be eligible (basically you had to participate in more than 1 round..again..participation!). This could be goods, FP's, army units, etc. This encourages participation because you can also earn personal resources / points as well as team points. For the week, if your guild finished first, you get prizes based on your team score, as well as personal. Important here is to give out things, not just points. Right now, GvG just takes resources. I may get a few points, but that overall does not help me move forward in the game. Giving me back army units, FP's, etc helps players more, helps guilds more, helps everyone enjoy it more. To me this is a must if you want players to participate. GE does this in a way, we get personal rewards as well as guild points, but it's not really a player competition. Maybe this week my guild is down, but I still have a chance to earn top spot on the player side.
Those are the concepts, here are some other items that come to mind:
  1. Guilds need to be paired against similar guilds. Like GE, this should be across worlds. You want to match up guilds that are in the top 10 against other guilds in the top 10. Just some way to match competition and make it more fun / competitive. Not sure the exact answer but there has to be some secret sauce that will make this more enjoyable.
  2. Guild ranking is going to have to change / reset. You do not say how this changes and I think this is a BIG area that needs improving and should be discussed how this is going to be done. A guild's ranking can't just be about one aspect of the game. It needs to be about how large your treasury is, how you did in GE, the sum of your players, how diversified you are, etc. You need farmers and fighters. Right now, guild ranking is largely based on something only 5% use.
  3. Points can't be allocated based on era as you stated. I think era could count in some way towards your overall guild ranking , but it should not count towards the weekly competition.
Excited about the changes, I will be listening to your live broadcast. Very interested in this.


The current version is available to east coast users only. Have a 23 or 25 hour clock that rotates through each time zone giving everyone a chance.
The same reset time each day for certain players will do nothing to see others play. And it's all about internet speed, how fast can you seige?
Take this whole GvG feature out of the game so "battle points" are not a joke.
There are those of us who have invested much into GvG, and for us, it is the entire game.


Context from my end is that I don't play this game to battle. At all. I like trade. I like guilds that have a helpful community vibe. And I like to build and alter my city. That's it; trade and city building amongst fun events, new content, an ever expanding world, historical as well as futuristic aesthetics... so, again from my pov, abandon so much battle focus, add trade focus, and dive into sub-cultures and time travel, and genre blends... dive into your aesthetics (not to mention, for the love of... please improve your event story lines!!)... to share your designers imagination and creativity with us - that is what I want to engage with.
Let me know if you want a project manager.


Speaking for myself, the reason I don't do GvG at all and spend a lot of time on GE has nothing to do with its scalability or performance or design and everything to do with my play style. I dislike games that require someone else to lose for me to gain, so I'm a more Sim-City-type player, content with putting up buildings and expanding my city. As I look around, it seems that MANY see it this way. My chief complaint with FOE in general is that it grossly favors offensive-minded players while not even giving points for successful defensive players.


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Folks, seriously, go back and reread the Announcement.

"Besides that, and over the next few months, we will, however, spend additional time to improve the technical stability of GvG, because the efforts we put into analysis the whole topic made some good improvements visible, that we would like to implement for you."

You all owe a responsibility to your Guild to correctly understand what is proposed and if you don't understand to ask or figure it out before spreading stupid rumors that may harm your Guild.

Right now, many in my guild are very upset.
Perfect case in point.

Some person talking out their ass told that Guild that GvG would be discontinued and as a result they have angry players threatening to quit the game over nothing.

Worse, because they didn't read the Announcement and are posting in this thread that GvG is being shut down they've got other folk who didn't read the Announcement thinking the the same thing and a bunch of people who don't read are all gonna be in a kerfluffle over stuff that isn't true.

Don't let this sort of thing happen to you and your Guild. Your Guildies are valuable assets, it's yout job as Guild Leadership to get them the right information, so your Guild can plan for this. You owe it to your Guild.

If you don't understand some aspect of this ask instead of screwing up your Guild. Give this Announcement time o sink in, and reread, and think about.

There will still be plenty of time to throw your soiled underwear at INNO in a day or two.


I do not think I have to put on here, how long I have been playing, as it shows up as my joined date.
Needless to say, one must ask a bunch of questions for further information and thus the real reason for BETA.
That said, confusing GvG and GE is not even close. There are dedicated players who enjoy GvG, like myself, and these players are not as plentiful as GE.
Why, it is pretty simple. A strong GvG guild can run over any smaller guilds and leads to bulling other guilds on the GvG Maps. Which we all know these guilds exist and we can all be sure they will hate this new part of the game. A level playing field for all, would be very nice, but we all know this is not the case.

GE is based on an individuals progress on the GE Map, while the total progress of that player and the rest of the players in that guild are also added to allow the guild to compete for more completion. Now ask, why do people like GE over GvG. I believe some do not understand that there are plenty of rewards to be earned by doing GE and completing it. The rewards far outweigh anything you can get from GvG, when in GvG a guild only gains prestige and sectors. GE players not only gain certain rewards, there is a Great Building that is geared ONLY for GE, the Temple of Relics (ToR). This GB allows the players to collect Relics and based on the level of the players ToR, they receive Relics of (Silver, Gold and Jade) for doing GE. I do believe the game and/or developers may be mistaking into thinking why GE is so popular. GE is very popular due to the rewards you receive back from it. Understanding why something is popular to start with, may allow someone to make another aspect of the game better.

GvG is more based on a Guilds Fighting against another guild. After all, the game's Global Rankings are based on Prestige which we all know is calculated on the amount of Sectors that any guild holds on each and all maps. GvG is important for guilds that want to be Top Guilds or claim to be the best of the guilds.

In a fair way, maybe the thought of taking all three aspects of the game and calculating them together, with a formula to determine Global Ranking on a daily basis. The three aspects of the game would be GvG (weighted maybe), GE and then this new aspect of the game (Guild Battleground). This way, a true ranking of the guild could be had and not just few guilds that dominate the GvG Maps would be Top Guilds. Since the Global Ranking is calculated based solely on GvG, would this still be the case or as I just stated be an option in which to provide a real gauge of the Top Guilds on each World. This would bother GvG Guilds, as they are all about prestige and holding sectors to get the most prestige in which to show as a Top Guild. We all know, the best guild is the guild that fits the players style of the game the best. What's best for one player is not necessary the best guild for another player.

In conclusion; Will this be popular, to start with YES it will. As all new features are. But we must all understand what would entice players to partake on this new aspect of the game. Would there be a new Great Building for this (if not, your welcome for the idea).? Would this new aspect of the game provide rewards like GE or as stated fragments for a new building for ONLY players who do this or would it be guild wide.? Sadly, any guild would get some sitters who collect the rewards that others achieve and just go along for the ride, to start with anyway. Would this new aspect of the game provide prestige for a guild and account for guild rank in the Global Rankings.? Like the others before, it would be nice to have players from all areas that would be able to do this when they could, so there would not be a re-calc. time ? Or just a wind down time and for how long would the protection (it's stated a few hours), would be.? Just remember why GE is so popular, it's all about the individual rewards and trust me, only certain players care about the guilds progress in GE, it is more player or individual based rewards that is what makes GE so popular. Just saying.

My 2 cents worth.


Its going to need to offer substantial rewards to draw people away from GE. Many players I know barely have the resources to get GE done every week, let alone have troops/goods to spend on additional game modes. Perhaps when a province is taken the participants receive goods/troops/rewards based on their contribution(s). A lot of players are stretched already. Otherwise maybe reduce difficulties in GE so people can readily participate in both features?


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because of the negotiateing things, certain guilds who are extremly involved will crack down on tradeing with certain guilds i geuss?


For meaningful comments/discussion, more details of what is actually proposed are needed...Yes, we can all moan about the current GvG, but why bother?


Few more questions/observations: what will happen with Observatory GB? Would it be possible, that game developers modify this GB, so that it has impact in Guild Battlegrounds (impact not only fighting, but also negotiating part)?
If participation in GvG is really only 5%, then it seems that Observatory GB is unnecessary. However, if this GB would have impact in Guild Battlegrounds, then it would be worth having this GB.

Also there are other GBs (SBC, DC, etc.), which provide support in GvG. Will these GBs have impact in Guild Battlegrounds? Would it be possible to modify these GBs, that they would have impact in Guild Battlegrounds (fighting and negotiating)?
Same as for Observatory, these GBs have impact in GvG, which is used only by 5% of players. So it would be better, if they would have impact in Guild Battlegrounds.

Also, I agree about sscooby2u comment regarding attrition. This debuff is really unfair, if game developers are trying to penalize only fighters. If game developers want that players would make strategic decisions, then negotiators should be penalized too - so that it gets very expensive for them to negotiate and they would have to start fighting. If figters get "attrition" debuff, then negotiators should get "inflation" debuff or something like that.


I play FOE only for GVG if this changes my experience or diminishing it in any way i will no longer support this game..how GVG is implemented now is great..i understand you want to make it easier for you tech but it appears to me ...FOE only changes the game if they can make more money or make less work for them...shame...i think you should put to a vote to your paying customers if the want such a dynamic change to their game.if not this could backfire and you guys will lose income...


So basically its GE on a map instead of 4 levels:
You compete against Guilds like you do in GE.
You fight NPC's like you do in GE.
Players defence is not used like in GE.
Any age player can attack or negotiate like in GE.
It's for PC and mobile like in GE.

So why mention GvG in this thread?


Do we really not believe that this is being put in place to eventually weed out GvG? FOE has talked down about the current GvG in this. I'm quite sad about it.
No, I don't believe that it will replace GvG at all - unless it becomes so popular that even the diehard GvGers stop participating in GvG. There's no reason to kill off GvG.

However, no matter how involved a guild is in GvG, there's always an option to use the proposed feature to get more guild members involved. Think of ways that this new feature could be used to augment GvG. Constructive feedback at this point will be more helpful than anything else.


It would be great to give similar capabilities to non-AA provinces.

A TE player should be able to participate in FE province using TE units or any other Age from FE and below.
The reason for such a low participation rate, is because 90% of players have not reached the Age required to participate effectively.
Or, do not have units of that Age to compete. (In AA you can use any units from the top down)

It could also be of debate whether replenish units could be of inferior ages as well. (as much as I hate spearfighters)
Thank you.


As stated, this is a new feature with GvG still in place. Like many have stated, it's hard to give a yay or nay to essentially handwaving. This will only work if there is some buy in from players and valuable feedback will not come until we have a change to see it, touch it and taste it.

The game has been expanding to include:
- tavern visits
- incidents
- treasure chest and event quests expecting time consuming tasks like complete ## supply builds
- promethium and oriculum collections
- viking settlement that often requires setting 4am alarms to collect if you want to finish within time
- the latest handwaving of mars settlements - still unknown, but sound like they will take extra effort

Now we're discussing a new battleground that will certainly require thought and effort.

Many people have left the game in the last year because it was taking too much of their time. People sign up for a game like this as a distraction. After investing months and years into the game their city gets bigger and starts taking more time to keep it growing. That alone can start to bite into the time they originally wanted to invest. Each new element added to the game compounds that issue.

Are players willing to invest more time still to play a new feature that is trying to compete with GvG?

Talking of competing with GvG, this battleground is said to be using goods from guild treasury. Guild members currently contribute to GvG in many ways. On top of those who fight, there are farmers who help the treasury and map watchers. How will this affect the guild treasury for guilds who decide to try the new battleground and keep doing GvG?

I have any number of questions on this, but these stand out for me.
Not open for further replies.