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Hey everyone,

First up, we wanted to thank you once again for taking the time to continue to contribute your feedback on the upcoming changes to Forge of Empires, especially in relation to Guild Battlegrounds. You will remember that during the announcement of the Guild Battlegrounds (click HERE), we stated that we'd be putting some effort into improving Guild vs. Guild (GvG) as well. We'd like to keep you updated on what we're planning to do, as we're about to get started on implementing the following improvements, and would love to hear some community insight into if you feel these additions address some of the fundamental issues GvG faces.

Additional Recalculation Timers
Probably the biggest change we plan to implement is that we're going to change the daily calculation to a 4-hourly calculation. Within this the Guild Power, Guild Ranking, GvG Support Pool bonus and sector protection will be recalculated. However, Guild Level, HQ relocation and GvG Sector freedom grants will remain on a 24-hour timer.

With this we hope to improve the issues we have with lag around the recalculations, as well as increase the GvG participation by opening accessibility of the feature not only to those who are available during the recalculation time each day.

Removal of Bronze Age Units
We will no longer allow the usage of bronze age units to be used on the All Age Map in GvG. With this, we hope to address the usage of Spear fighters in GvG and push the feature towards a much fairer and competitive experience when battling for a sector.

Reduce Point Farming Profitability
To combat farming ranking points with Champions, once a sector is freed, all units that were placed there will be replaced with random, NPC units of the sector's age. In the All Age Map, the units will be replaced with units from the highest age.

Confirmation Checkboxes
To improve the overall user experience and enable people to quickly place siege and defensive armies, we'll add a "never see this again" checkbox. This also makes the overall experience more consistent with other aspects of Forge of Empires and gives you the benefit of being able to interact with GvG faster without having to spend time needlessly clicking away message windows.

Camera Focus
Another small tweak we want to make to the user experience is the camera focus. When entering the GvG window, the camera will now automatically be centered on the sector that you last interacted with during your current session.

Bug Fixes
Finally, we plan to address several bug fixes specifically impacting GvG, to improve the quality of the feature. These bugfixes will be detailed in future changelogs.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback, so please leave any comments or concerns in the Update thread HERE. We're hoping with your help, we can shape these improvements to achieve an overall better experience for all who participate in GvG.

Many thanks,

Your Forge of Empires Team
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Hello Kings and Queens,

We wanted to give you all an update to the progress we've made based on the Community's comments for the GvG changes. The Community Managers have shared your feedback with the development team, and we've started to make some adjustments to our plans to reflect the Community's opinions. The bulk of the changes are still in progress, but we wanted to keep you in the loop on where we are at after taking into consideration your feedback.

For details on what the changes are, please see above for the original post. The changes we will implement as per our original announcement are:

  • Camera Focus when returning to the map
  • Changes to the confirmation check boxes when placing Siege and Defensive Armies
  • Removal of Bronze Age Units from the All Age map
The main reason for going ahead with these changes as they were announced was due to no significant criticisms for these specific proposals were given. With this in mind, the listed changes above will be added to Beta shortly, and then to live markets in the upcoming weeks.

The other topics discussed in the original post, as well as any bug fixes, are still in progress, so look out for more information on these, but we are taking community feedback into consideration when shaping these changes further.

As always, thank you for providing us with your invaluable input, as this helps us to shape changes and adjustments to better suit the community's needs.

Your Forge of Empires Team
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