[Poetry] Haiku

Za Sen

(For those of you who don't know, a haiku is a poem where the first line has 5 syllables, the second 7, and the third 5. Haikus come from ancient Japan)

A Beautiful Game

Play Forge of Empires
Wait endlessly for supplies
Collect and restart

~Za Sen

The Costly Battle

Destroy archers first
Then move on to Legionnaires
Not much left at end

~Za Sen

The Battle for Diamonds

I have few diamonds
Just enough to buy ONE thing
Which one will I choose...

~Za Sen

(I think that my haikus are so great that I deserve diamonds as a reward from the managers, don't you?) :)

Za Sen

What is "njub"?

If it is pronounced "en-jub", then the last line has 6 syllables. Oops! It doesn't work!

Za Sen

Line 2 has 10 syllables
Haiku does no work


It's best not to use
The word beginning with "D"
In a public place

Za Sen

And how, exactly, do you pronounce 1337 using only one syllable? You do know what a syllable is, don't you?


1337... LEET... elite...

Wow, giving 1337 language lessons on the net... never thought I'd see the day.


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Hehe, i gave you the link earlier, but here it is again ---> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet

excerpt: "Leet can be pronounced as a single syllable, /ˈliːt/, rhyming with eat, by way of aphesis of the initial vowel of "elite"."

Or, in haiku:

Single syllable
I gave the link earlier


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Actually, for this particular word, Wikipedia is a reliable site. But, if you want more, we have:


Or, for more academic examinations:

or, in haiku:

Trolling is for njubs
You are not versed in 1337 5p34k
Nice try Padawan

or in 133t haiku:

7r0lliNg i$ f0r nJ|_|8$
yo|_| /-\R3 N0t v3R$3d IN l337 $Pe/-\K
nIC3 7ry P/-\|)/-\\/\//-\N

Za Sen

To Hellstrom:

Why complicate things
With all this "techy" language
It's a waste of time


English is allowed
Other languages are banned
You just broke the rules...


Anyways, let's please not let this get too competitive, I just wanted this to be a place where people can write good haikus.


*blows whistle*

Game, set, match. Hellstromm wins the internets. Thank you for playing.


whistles, game, set, match
Hellstromm wins the Internetz
Thank you for playing.

(rewritten by a ghostwriter because my haiku skills are lacking... all my poetry is limerick)
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Za Sen

How about...

Whistles, game, set, match
LOSES the contest! :)

Now THAT is a good haiku!


Is anyone still here?
I just really hope there is
Cuz haiku be cool!