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I am looking for a new guild...


New Member
I am in Sinerania and I am looking for a guild that actually participates in the GE and I don't have to wait for the only founding member to unlock L2. I understand I may have to wait a day, but in my current guild I am still waiting and I have contacted the "founder" and has had no response. And I am not the only member in my current guild with this frustration. If there are any guilds out there that would like 2 maybe 3 new members please let me know.


Well-Known Member
I just changed guilds on S-world for a similar reason, my old guild didn't have a 1.9 thread. Look for ALIAS. You have to apply. They're active in GE and GBG. They change their name slightly every once in awhile, but it's always ALIAS: <something>. Seems to be a good guild so far.


Well-Known Member
I hear what you're saying -- there are far too many guilds with absentee founders and leaders, traps for the unwary. I'm not on S, but get yourself into a better guild. If you join one that still sucks, keep going. You'll find one that's better. Forum members will help you find one. Good luck!

Merek the Wise

New Member
I'm in S world and can have an invite sent over to you if you're still looking for a guild that's heavy into GE, they unlock the 4th level every week. They always welcome in new members so that's not a problem.