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Looking for a guild


New Member
Looking for a guild to join this week.
Seek active guild with large trade group, GE focus, some GBG, and a bit of GVG.
Helpful with new players, "stix to brix" program, focus on aiding members.
Me - New player (2 weeks), 3 GB (Oracle, Zeus, Babel), ready to move from BA to IA this week.
Followed Glarg method through BA, but realize that a good guild is necessary to go forward.
Advice on how to proceed and a good guild to join appreciated.


Samurai House is looking for new players. It is a no pressure guild, asking only for 16 encounters in the GE and to help others in the guild with trades.


New Member
Search Shadow Empire.. Very easy going, active and very helpful guild.

Requirements are:
1. 16 GE per week
2. 30 Fights or 15 Negotaions in GBG
3. Have Arc or OBs.. if not then the guild will help you
4. Aid 4x a week.

Contact Cards5Fan or Damaris the King for invite.


Active Member
Was fine Just finished reordering my buildings, And bam just kicked out with no real reason why he did it
I loved my guild : Warehouse13 and my leader all the members was all nice and help full
he helped my build ARK & HC WITH lack of FP
I want back it, nothing i can say to fix it some one get there' wires crossed lol
now Im guild less And need another great guild to join with lots of members in it !

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
You should Join Paytan
Why should they? Your guild has absolutely nothing to offer anyone other than good intentions. You are the only member of your guild, and you only have 2k ranking points and a level 1 Oracle, and no fp producing buildings meaning you only have your hourly bar points for doing swaps. Your guild has zero prestige meaning that your Town Hall doesn't provide any daily fp either.

Instead of trying to create your own guild, you should be looking to join an active guild that can help you build up your city. Starting and being in your own guild is a dead end that is just going to cause your game to stagnate. I'd recommend looking for a top 100 listed guild that has open joining activated. If you would like some recommendations, please PM me in game. My main city is on Mt. Killmore and I know a few guilds that might be good fits for you if you intend to be a fairly active player that tends to play multiple times per day.