Military Buildings and their Units

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    Disclaimer: Please note that since the game is a constant "work in progress", the numbers may change over time. The Stats reflect game version 1.11 from October 2013. Please don't nail me if you relied on my numbers and got it wrong ;-)

    Military Statistics:

    For a larger version of the above table, please use THIS LINK.

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    Do we want a column that lists the battlepoints gained for each defeated unit type? After playing for 7 months, I do have already 5 numbers, so this could be a task that will never be completed....
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    Perhaps a useful side note:

    Battle points are based on how much of the unit's health you take out. Defeating damaged units reduces the amount of battle points you earn for each unit. This means that when you infiltrate a sector and take out 1 bar of health for each unit, you lose out on 10% (rounded up) of the maximum battle points if you get a perfect battle (no damage taken).

    i.e. If the maximum possible points was 3924 for a battle and you infiltrate it and get a perfect win, then you will earn 3924-393 or 3531 battle points. So unless it's necessary, infiltrating is not recommended to get the most battle points you can.
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    Does anyone have any info on terrain movement multipliers? Does it cost more to travel through a mountain hex as opposed to a tree, bush, swamp or open field hex?
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    Divide the unit's movement by 2, and that is the number of normal hexes that it can traverse. If there is a tree or a bush, then moving across one requires twice the movement as a normal hex. As for mountains and swamps, I am not entirely sure, but they restrict movement as much as a tree or a bush, if not more.
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    Just started yesterday, so this chart took me a little while to figure out. Once I got it all sorted out it was a huge help. Thanks for putting it together. Still have a few questions like what are the starting hit point values and how is the defense vs attack numbers figured for how much hit points are taken off. Like are the hit points say the same as the battle points? If so and 2 spear fighters are attacking each other both having 120hp and doing 7 attack and 7 defense wouldn't the defense negate the attack? Or is that 7 attack and defense just a modifier that's based on a set value for each category? Like say attack is always worth 60hp but the 7 attack is added making it 67, but then the 7 defense of the opponent is subtracted bringing it back down to 60hp thus taking 2 turns to get to the 120hp of the target. Or a better one would be the Warrior vs the Horseman where the Warrior has an attack of 6 and defense of 9 and the Horseman has an attack of 6 and defense of 5. Keeping the 60hp base attack value as the example above add in the Warrior's 6 attack and subtract the Horseman's defense of 5 the Warrior would have an attack score or 61 and the Horseman would have an attack score of 57. Or am I just over thinking it?
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    In rough terms, each unit has 10 health points to start with. Once on the battlefield and you hover the mouse over the opponent's unit you wish to attack, you'll see the damage you can achieve, example "3-6". Those 3-6 health points are then subtracted from the 10 the unit had, leaving it injured. The damage you inflict depends on
    - luck
    - terrain bonus
    - health of the attacking unit

    The numbers in my chart for attack and defense are not to be seen as absolute numbers, they merely represent the general strength of units compared to each other. If they were absolute, an archer would kill a slinger with one shot easily - which is not the case, it always needs two shots.
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    Battlepoints for catapult (350) seems to be wrong. Can anyone please check it?
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    Sep 27, 2012
    Industrial Age Tower
    1st: 400
    2nd: 250
    3rd: 150
    4th: 100
    5th: 80
    6th: 60
    7th: 50
    8th: 40
    9th: 20
    10th: 10
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    Added Progressive Era data.
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    Feb 24, 2013
    I seriously appreciate this guide. I have it book marked for easy reference. I was wondering about the DUG IN additions. On the grid it mentioned it for the progressive era. I found that in the continent fights even the LMA cannons are dug in making them difficult to beat with my smaller EMA units that are not
  12. PhantomForger

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    Sep 27, 2012
    Dug In was implemented for all long-range units starting from Cannons. So at this point that includes Cannons, Field Guns, Breech Loaders, and Rapid Fire Cannons.
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    Mar 25, 2013
    For those (like me) who have a hard time reading that table, if you are using firefox, right-click the table, click (view image) on the new menu, then click the image of the table, and it will be significantly larger.
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    Feb 19, 2013
    From the 1.06 changelog:

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    Dec 4, 2012
    I can't seem to find a satisfactory explanation of Movement Costs. This is a recent addition it seems and I do not get its purpose, why it was implemented and how it affects my battles. Any answers would be appreciated.
  16. Rhidasglein

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    Feb 19, 2013
    It is not a recent addition, it has always been there. Only the tooltip that shows how many movement points a hex will cost to enter has been added.
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    Updated the main chart with battlepoints for Progressive Era units.

    Kudos to our CM for that!
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    How can I transfer this to my guild forum?
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    Since guild forums do not support bb codes, you can't. You can, however, provide them with the link that will direct them here. They'll just have to copy and paste it though, since, yeah... no bb codes.
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    Jan 25, 2013
    For the progressive era; Tank Factory and Ordinance Factory, does the split in colors mean that the units do bonus damage against both types of units, Range/Fast +50 from Heavy Unit, and Fast/Heavy + 25 from Artillery?