Mystic Arendelle Raiders Guild

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Become a Farmer and tradesmen or/and a CONQUEROR, and Warrior.....
Mystic Arendelle Raiders are about becoming the best you can be and Killing it. Go forth and win battles at how you will, help us defeat our enemies, help us gain strong allies Help us conquer worlds and provinces and sectors. Help us ride through the night fighting and negotiating our way through levels of Victory. Together We Stand and become the best Guild we can as one unit as a team and as a guild family we will succeed.

Simple requirements listed below.

1. Must be an active member and team player.
2. Fair Trade is required & explained in guild forum.
3. Must motivation/polish or aid at least every 4 days.
4. Must place at least 1 FP (Forge Point) on each stick to bricks in guild each day you are on.

Together we will destroy our Enemies conquer our foes Together we will be one for we are Sanguine brother and sisters no longer deciphered by DNA but, bonded by Guild hood. We shall stick together no matter what trial we face, we are who we are, and we may face hardships but we will face them Together.

ElsaMysticStorm, MAR Founder