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New World - Carthage!


FOE Team
Community Manager

Dear Kings and Queens,

We are happy to announce, that on the 11th of October a new world will arrive:

So get ready, and venture to a whole new world! A place of adventure, new friendships, and fresh new challenges!

Some things to keep in mind on the new world:
We don't have an exact time frame yet, but the world will be open for registration on the 11th of October. We will inform you, once we have opened it.

PvP Arena and Tower Tournaments will have already started at this point, therefore they will only be available from next week onwards.

If you would like to promote your newly founded guild or are looking for a guild on the new world, please refer to this space in the forum or advertise them in our Facebook group!​

If you would like to share some general impressions of the new world, we would be happy if you would use this thread for it. The same applies to any feedback you may have.

We are excited to welcome you on Carthage soon!

Your Forge of Empires Team​


FOE Team
Community Manager
Important note: The Guild Battlegrounds will not be available at the beginning of the new world. This feature will be activated manually by our developers as soon as the world has more active guilds. This process is necessary to ensure that all guilds can have a minimum amount of time to adapt to the new world and recruit new members, but also to ensure that we can have enough guilds registered to the first Battlegrounds' season.


FOE Team
Community Manager
Change of plans!
We have checked everything and we're all set to start the Guild Battlegrounds tomorrow!
Get ready and have fun!