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Over Night Empire (O.N.E.) is recruiting!


*Over Night Empire (O.N.E.) is a caring, loyal, and internationally diverse group of players so
obsessed with playing this game, we sometimes choose it over sleep!
*O.N.E. believes in serious game play and serious fun.
*We have accountability for our requirements and we enjoy crushing skulls in our true
passion, GBG! So unless you agree, don’t come a-knocking!

Contact Tarcotti to start your interview. Yes, we conduct an in-depth interview. We don’t like people to come and go, we want to welcome people home.

- Be Active (if you are going to be gone for more than 8 days, let us know.}
- Be a team-member : Aid 3-4 times a week.
- 2 FPS per GB in stix - Complete minimum level 2 of GE.
- GBG encounter requirements:
IA to HMA: 10
LMA to PE: 30
ME and up: 100
- Be respectful: Keep discourse civil in the public threads.
- Honor your commitments.
- Fair trades: 1:1 same age, 2:1 or 1:2 up or down 1 age.
- Have an Arc, SoH, or Obs.
- Unsolicited FPS must be at 1.9 rate

Benefits: - Supportive and friendly atmosphere to grow and prosper.
- Level 66 Guild with 8 FP/day from Town Hall.
- 1.8 and 1.9 threads to help you level fast.
- Various Arc building groups available.
- Various FP swap threads from 3FP to 100FP.
- Help raising your GBs from Stix to Brix.
- All 4 levels of GE opened each week (but you only need to do the first 2).
- Active GvG play (available but not required).
- Active GBG play
- Urgent/Needed Trade Thread for those trades you need right away.

A top 20 guild in Langendorn: Over Night Empire (O.N.E.) welcomes you! (O.N.E. Founded 2014)
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