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Quantum Incursion Reward Chests.


The progress bar in QI reached it's max and it said that I had unlocked all chests and could open them when the game was finished. But when the time came to open the chests I could only open 2 of them. After that the free button went away and the pay button appeared for the rest of them. Did I misread it or am I a victim of bait and switch?
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Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
Misread. Everyone who did the needed number of fights or donations goat a maximum of two free chests
The rest (for everyone) cost..
The odd part of that is if you did buy the complete set, the cost was the same whether you got any free or were paying for all of them (of you took the discount deal) for them. Something it be aware of in the future.
( play several Worlds and had different fight totals so can personally verify that is true.)


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The chests are a nice bonus.

The real reward is working the prize line(s) for the Colessus building.