My good friends,
It saddens me today to make this post but I feel it necessary for me to be able to advance within my career to leave the game of FoE entirely. This will include my forum post. I hope you can understand my position as I look to advance myself within the ranks in real life and cannot continue here anymore. I do hope this message comes to you of some importance as it will be my last one here. I will remove myself from our Guild today after I complete one last round of GE to help out our Guild and then I will retire for the second time in this game.
arsmiley36 being the first one on J. I have submitted a proposal for voting that when it hits the polls i do hope you may take the time to read it and vote on. I find it of ctrical value to all guilds and do hope this message will be passed on. Please vote on 'Guild Forums on mobile version" when it becomes available. Dursland, I do hope you will submit this for vote soon or just let it rot because you dont care you have now ignored a proposal that has not yet got an answer of no. Good luck to everyone.
Forge on
here is the original link to the proposal
Thanks FoE for ignoring my proposal to the extent where I now take my cash elsewhere.
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