September Never Ending Contest

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Lets get a winner!


Each month will have its own thread. To enter the contest, post in that thread with your guess, an integer between 1 and 10,000, inclusive.

Questions about the contest as a whole can be posted in this thread.

Each contest will end on the last calendar day of the month, at midnight Eastern time. The actual drawings won't always happen promptly at midnight, but that will still be the cutoff time for the drawing, with late entries disqualified.

You can only enter once per month, and if you post more than once only the last guess will be used. You are free to change your guess this way if you want, or by editing your first post.

The winning number for the month will be determined using the third party service TRENT. This is public random number generator that provides secure numbers for contests. Here is how it works: Prior to the start of the month, we will reserve a drawing number on TRENT. This is a unique ID code. We'll provide that code so anyone can verify that the number has been reserved. At the end of the month, we will use that code and generate the winning number. You can then check on the website that the code and number correspond, and when it was drawn. That way everyone knows that one and only one number was used, and nobody knows what the number is until the actual drawing.

For each drawing the player with the numerically closest guess wins an awesome prize. If multiple players are equally close, the tie will be broken by listing the players' names in alphanumeric order (as defined by Google Sheets). The winning number from TRENT will be divided by the number of players on the list, and the remainder from the division will determine the position on the list of the winning player.

The winner will receive 300 forge points.

Good luck and happy guessing!
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