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Discussion in 'Guild Hall' started by Achilles Swift Red, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Achilles Swift Red

    Achilles Swift Red New Member

    Jan 6, 2018
    June 2019
    We are a healthy and very active guild looking for other active members to join our fun, supportive and eager team that strives to beat the competition in the Guild Expedition every week. We open all levels of the GE on the first day.
    If you are tired of being in a guild that is unorganized, full of slackers, that are dead or not active; "move on dude" and get out of that rut of logging into a dead-end guild!!
    Increase your fun of playing Forge of Empires in a guild that strives to come in 1st place in every GE every week.
    "Vanguard of Legends"
    guildmates are active in playing the Guild Expedition and nearly all us easily complete level 3 or higher which brings us normally in 1st place every week.
    We are social, friendly, and supportive. Our guild messages are well organized; we have dedicated FP swaps message thread, action groups to level up your ARCS, OBSERVATORIES, HIMEJI CASTLES and more.
    We even have our own internal game within our guild to reward our guildmates for their performances in the Guild Expedition every week.
    We are active in leveling each other's Great Buildings; we can get you the Blue prints for the best Great Buildings and the suppliers for the goods to build them..
    Leave a response if your are interested and I'll send you an invite to join.
    If you join us now you'll be on your way to having more fun, more friends and becoming a legendary member in the :
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  2. MandyTheAlabastard

    MandyTheAlabastard Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2019
    I'm kinda interested in moving out of the guild I'm in currently, and switching to yours if you could answer a couple of my questions (as honest as you can, or I might join the guild and not be fully prepared).

    Do you accept Iron Age campers?

    How are you guys' inventories on BA goods? I'm in IA, and I negotiate all of GE, but since I should be good on IA goods once I make the transition, I should be pumping out enough IA goods for GE and trade down for BA goods.

    So how do your action groups for Arcs work? Do you guys have 5-member swap groups so I could get an Arc and level it to 80? If so, what kind of daily FP income should I be getting before starting my arc journey with your guild?

    Other than completing GE to level 3 or above, are there any other requirements?
  3. Achilles Swift Red

    Achilles Swift Red New Member

    Jan 6, 2018
    Normally we suggest our members build the basic set of GBs which is the statue of Zeus, Temple of relics, Cathedral of Anachon. Castel de monte and the Observatory. These will get you started on raising your attack and defense strength and provide goods to the guilds treasury.
    The basic requirement in our guild are:
    1) donate 1FP to a member's newly built GB often called the Stix to Brixs, or S2B
    2) complete level 3 in the GE when we are up against a powerful guild
    3) build an observatory (we will give you time and assistance in getting the BPs)
    The rest is all optional. But you will definitely have more fun when you start building GBs.
    We have action groups for the OBS and the ARC that are dedicated to get the BPs and to level them up .
    We also expect this to be your main world and not to playing in "NOT" more than 2 worlds simultaneously . We wouldn't like it if you don't have sufficient time for our world / guild.
    We hope you join and it was nice to make your acquaintance.
  4. Achilles Swift Red

    Achilles Swift Red New Member

    Jan 6, 2018
    I am the founder of this guild and I publish a weekly news letter to entertain and educate our members.
    Here is an example of the last Guild News Letter:

    --------- MAR /2019 ---------------
    This was our top ten players in the last GE event.
    Fantastic achievements everyone!
    1st Rich Sawyer
    2nd Wolveslax
    3rd PoeFinn
    4th Chigger Lover
    5th Castor 605
    Honorable Mentions
    6) FuzzyRump
    7) Slog the dog
    8) TheKidristahle
    9) ASR (Achilles Swift Red)
    10) Kalliope the Noble

    We did an outstanding performance in this last GE! We beat the guild "Band of the RE???", which took 2nd place and "Pagan Pride," who took 3rd place.

    Our record is now 58 x 1st place; 16 x 2nd place; 3 x 3rd place., our winning percentage rate went from 73.2 to 73.6 %.

    We had a 103.7 % participation rate! That was fantastic performance, and we weren't even up against a tough guild. You know what that says about our guild and guild members? That we are becoming a well-trained top performance guild. I can't wait till I see us do a 133 % performance on a weekly basis. I know we will get there. It takes time.

    Everyone is doing great on raising up there armies attack and defense bonuses. Good job everyone.

    This week's topic is "Advancing in Eras, also known as the research eras.."

    Normally the advancement in eras is an indication of how long a member has been playing. Obviously a person in the tomorrow era has been playing longer than someone in the Early Middle Ages.

    There are several thoughts on this, but it comes down to just two.
    1) Advancing as fast a possible
    2) Take your time and advance at a slower rate, which I call the "normal rate."

    I'm going to talk about both, but please do not take what I say as absolute truth, because the reasons for advancing are; a mixture of both pros and cons.

    1) Advancing as fast as possible,
    PROS, you get to what some think are the more exciting eras. I can understand that feeling, After all, who likes being in charge of spear chucker's, and musket armies when making and controlling tanks and snipers are much more exciting. And as well as making more advanced goods. That is it; I can't think of anything else.
    CONS: Advancing fast takes a lot of goods and FPs, which would be better off spent on your Great Buildings, such as Statues of Zeus, Cathedral of Anachon, Castel Del Monte, Temple or Relics. Etc In the maps you will soon reach the parts of the maps that require advance goods or advance armies to acquire them. Again you will be spending lots and lots of advance goods to acquire them, because you have to negotiate goods rather than fight. You won't be able to fight them because your armies will not have enough attack and defense strength. If you had advanced at the "normal" rate your armies would have the strength to beat the map's armies and acquire map sectors, which would have not cost you anything
    Also, finishing up your daily and recurring quests start to require more coins and productions to finish them. Example in the Late Mid Ages it only takes 35,000 coins to satisfy a recurring quest, but in the Colonial age and above it takes over 100,000 coins to satisfy a recurring quest. So in the lower eras you can complete almost 3 recurring coin quest as compared to being in the more advance eras.
    2) Normal advancement rate.
    This all comes down to mostly luck, and what you focus on building and leveling up. Some go for all FPs and others go for advancing their other GBs, depending what they personally prefer to have in their cities.
    CONS: Not many except the main reason is it may seem boring, and you may feel you are being left behind the excitement others may be enjoying. You have to resist this feeling! Again, it is a matter of time. Some or our senior members have been playing FOE for over 4 or 5 years. So compare your time playing FOE to where you are in the eras.
    PROS: As mentioned above, the recurring quest are easier to complete, in the late middle ages satisfying the recurring quest, you can reap 3 recurring quest in the LMA as compared to someone in the Industrial age. If you can satisfy more of them, you will subsequently get more rewards, such as goods, misc buildings, FPs, etc. It also allows you to acquire those BPS for GBs or work on leveling up the GBs that you do have. Which later on, those high leveled GBs will give you more rewards. You will in no doubt be able acquire those misc buildings that will give your city and armies attack and defense bonuses. You will be able to fight your way through the maps, and levels in the GE. If you can't fight your way through level 2 1/2 of the GE or the armies in the maps would possibly indicate you need to do slow down and do the necessary things to improve your bonuses and strengths. If your defending armies can't defend your city and you are constantly being plundered is also an indication you may have advanced to fast.

    The take-away from all this is to be happy where you're at in the eras you're in and get rid of any feelings of being left behind or feelings that you aren’t doing enough. The signs of going too fast are: it is starting take a lot of goods or FPs to do things that you want to do, or you do not have enough of, or you are encountering armies you can’t defeat.

    The signs of it is time to move up, are when you can start clicking on the "auto battle" button when fighting and not lose any army units; you can defeat more than 50 % of your neighbors and plunder them; your GBs are at level 5 or higher, and possibly you have 1,000 goods in your era which you can't get rid of or trade.

    I hope this helps!

    As always: You guys are doing a great job in the GE, and some day - I hope to see 133 % every week. It’s not a dream - I know it will come.

    If you have any concerns, questions, about anything, please ask leadership or myself.
    "That's our guild news for this week!"
    Vanguard Of Legends - For Life
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
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