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You mentioned "behemoth" arctic future...reminded me playing ghost recon breakpoint.. someday before the year 2050 my main city will get there...if i can get unstuck in CA:p
what happened to the easter and valentine's day events?
they got renamed like the Christmas one did
Gone. Reduced to atoms.

The easter event is just straight up gone. The valentine's day one has been turned into a limited sale, kind of like the upcoming Black Friday one.
Its amazing...2 years ago i never imagined spending 100, 200 fps on swap threads. But im doing that. Just yesterday i dropped 228fps on a gb like it was nothing... w00t!
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Use 1.9 threads: they’re better
Oswyn the noble
Oswyn the noble
Those threads seem to be popular but i avoid them at all cost. Just one of my strange quirks of the game
There are some side quests that are so dumb They are a joke
Delete 3 troops
Pay coins

Reword 2 troops of the same they want you to Delete
Is this What your saying about this game That its a joke & has no game growth SO WHY PLAY IT
be nice to add a setting on a thread hold for 3m on a 1.9 thread
lock it for 3 min timmer so you can do your thing