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Recent content by Slavo76

  1. Expedition Advance Level

    Ask in main guild thread
  2. Looking for an active guild on S

    If you want free FP's on your GB's, MB's will take you in.
  3. Looking for active players

    Un forget it
  4. Winter Event 2020 Feedback

    The winter event is junk. I'd love to put it in more favourable expression, but simply not possible.
  5. @ what rate SC Goods selling rate in your neck of woods?

    Back to the topic. On S world, I paid a price it is a crime to openly give the number of FP's. Got goods late on 2nd day of release and vigorously marketed/advertised it and for the past few days, it have been the highest SC on S world. Got lucky that I invested some(give or take) 100 FP's per...
  6. Christmas in July Give away

    I would like: 1. Alcatraz, 2. Expansions, 3. A quicker way to FP's 4. Some form of trade between players for items in inventory and for goods trade other than for other goods(example: FP's for coin or goods). 5. FP bar to hold more than 10 FP's