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  • So is it possible to get Contemporary Era side quests while youre still on the Industrial Age? Cause if so, then you could get Contemporary Era units since some of the side quests gives units.
    Update: Have reached and almost conquered Ong Chu Cuoi Cung, also did anyone notice a change in the campaign ai?
    Update: Nearing Dong Bang Song and also the end of the Postmodern Era questline. I think you can get more Postmodern units in this part of the questline.
    Update: I have now conquered Trung Doi, Day Du Ao, Khay Huyen Bay Gio, and Rung Trai. Starting the eastern questline and have now conquered Rung Chien Dau and Phuc Kich
    Well, currently stuck on Trung Doi and Day Du Ao. Both having Modern to Postmodern troops. Should I attempt to fight, negotiate or get to the Progressive Era to do either?
    Try to negotiate if it seems like fighting isnt gonna a work out after 1 or 2 attempts using different units.
    Neighborhood Update: It seems like I can beat most of the Top 20 players in my neighborhood easily, then again their defenses are mostly still in the Industrial Age, sometimes with 1 or 2 Progressive Era troops.
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    More of the same, this line-up system is crazy. also happen to me no effort at all...
    Update: Have scouted Rung Chien Dau and Sot Dam Lay, and negotiated for Cai Chet Nui, currently on the East vs West quest and Guerilla Warfare for the side quest
    Update: Nearing the end of the Modern Era questline, have scouted Toimuro and currently scouting the other province
    Update: Conquered Chigikawa, Igujima, Kyushima and Igioka. Currently conquering Igamoto and somehow an army of 8 riflemen can beat four armies in the province.
    Update: I have reached the Modern Era map, conquered Inashu and Natsuishu, currently conquering Chigikawa and got 4 bazooka teams from a side quest
    Im getting Progressive Era side quests somehow, those are Military Preparations and Riot Control, cant complete them since I cant gather more Progressive Era units unless I move up in the age. It may have something to do that Im already in the Progressive Era map, if it itsnt then idk how Im getting these.
    You can abort side quests.
    still dont know bout how im getting those
    It is just by advancing on the cmap.
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