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Recent content by tstar99

  1. New Issue GBG screen fluttering

    this is during battles, and if it stops. the battle also freezes. why am i not receiving a reply ??
  2. New Issue GBG screen fluttering

    have trouble with the screen fltuttering in GBG ?? i'm on PC and have never had that happen before. it's not bearable to play.
  3. Confirmed a lot of incidents not working

    whatever, it's a thread for all to comment.
  4. Confirmed a lot of incidents not working

    ghost isn't a real thing. it's a flaw, has anyone at foe ever acknowledged a ghost ? it really sounds made up.
  5. Confirmed a lot of incidents not working

    there was a while where the reward no longer available did show. now thats gone. i still have the problem with incidents that don't do anything.
  6. Confirmed a lot of incidents not working

    i've noticed over a week or so, that some incidents do not work. what's up ??
  7. New Issue screen pulses when motivating

    the screen pulses when motivating.it really bothers my eyes.is there anyway to stop this?
  8. Avatars

    alice was one of my old favs. i did get to see freddie doing a night at the opera in boston around 75. there was an elvis, i beleive but i didn't see it there this time. why would they take away avatars, unless they threatened to sue FOE
  9. Avatars

    yeah, it's basically just for fun. i used to try to use one that sort of looked like me. but that got old. i wonder what happened to my jimi avatar. i'd like to see more musicians. especially rock!
  10. Feedback for update 1.200

    thank you for removing the zoom, it really made your change harder to use.
  11. Feedback for update 1.197

    i hate what you did with the supply buildings. it doesn't allow you to access the one you want. it should have been left alone. and i'm on PC. give a kid a toy and they think they have to play with it constantly. also the zoom problem is an annoyance.
  12. log in

    can't login this morning, went to a site to see if FOE was down and there's a huge spike in people that can't get on.
  13. official info clouding game play

    i'm not a techno wiz on the game just a player.
  14. official info clouding game play

    you got it Kranyar, there is no need to have it popup there. it should just be posted in your offiicial posts. not the user posts.it blocks gameplay. and you actually have to delete the info to play properly.
  15. official info clouding game play

    your official info blocks our view of normal gameplay. so we can't see info that is actually important to gameplay. i know everytime i say something here i get a backlash for it. but putting your info before actual gameplay is an intrusion. it should be looked at(AND IS IMPORTANT) but is posted...