Contest day 7

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Greetings, Queens and Kings!

It is the last day of our little celebration and today we would like to know your favorite memory of playing Forge of Empires! The winners will be randomly chosen, so small and big memories have a chance to win!

For this contest, 7 players can win 700 diamonds! Have fun writing!

Please submit the correct answer until April 30, 2019. We will pick the 7 lucky winners from all presented memories! :)

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Your Forge of Empires Team
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my favourite moment is when I completed level 4 Guild Expedition for the very first time.... it felt amazing !!


My favorite memory is getting the Arc. This opened a new aspect of the game... exploiting Arc's advantage when contributing to Great Buildings.


Memories- The release of big ticket GBs, TA/HC/Kracken the initial frenzy, constant game refreshes waiting for release, scrambling with all your friends to find a print has been my favorite days in game and favorite memories of playing with them.


My definate favorite memory is when InnoGames introduced Reconstruction Mode. For a numerous amount of times I completely redecorated my city. Right now I'm very happy with the result as my city layout is completely optimized. It wouldn't have been possible without Reconstruction Mode.
I'm torn between getting my first Great Building and leveling my first GB to level 10. I started either before the Oracle was available through the quests or I some how missed it. Either way, when I got the last blueprint for my first GB I felt "FINALLY!". I felt similar with getting my first GB to level 10. But grinding out level 10 felt a bit more like I accomplished something whereas getting the last GB had a bit more luck involved. I'm kind of glad I missed out on the Oracle in that sense.

server: Tuulech (us19)


My favorite memory would be a few things. Like meeting people, though never meeting them in person, that has the same caring of Country and people. Another memory is this game is more like a job than a ho ho game. To succeed in this game, a player has to put effort, time and enjoy doing so, same a a job. Another memory is the success in achieving to a new Age in the game, with all that was earned from previous Ages.


Joining my current guild! Everyone's so nice & helpful and this guild is very active. It's made playing so much more fun!

(Runner up: I LOVED the Halloween event. Anything Halloween really ;))


It was last November. I had finally waited an year in HMA putting all my time and effort into taking ARC to 80th level. I was so happy that I got my ARC to 80 in time with the help of my friends and guild members and their wise suggestions.
I saw an opportunity as I won Cider Mill (an year back) to make fps and that helped me aim for ARC 80. I started out with putting 30-50 fps/day and now I make around 300 fps/day. Thanks INNO for being generous on rewards.

Some things I learnt is "Never give up" and "prioritize ur choices to get to ur final goal"


My favorite memory without question is joining my guild. They are a bunch of wonderful people and a key reason for me to continue coming back to the game on a regular basis. I doubt I'd be playing today if it wasn't for them :)


My favourite memory of playing FOE is meeting all of the other player who help me and are so very kind. This makes the game so much more enjoyable


my favorite memory is racing toe to toe with another guild to perfect 133.3% score in GE


My Mentor in Forge of Empires is the Founder of the very first guild I ever joined in my first world (I play in 5). I learned so much from her and over time I joined the leadership team of the guild. We have become friends over the time we have been playing the game together. Both of us played in another world, both of us in separate guilds, and ultimately we decided to found a new guild, based on the principles of my first guild, in this new world. We have created a fine new guild in this new world that is thriving. I am very proud of both of these guilds. They combine a wonderful balance of competition and mutual support.


It is nice one strategic game and I like it most among other such type of games. Sometimes when I miss my family or friends or I am in some tension, I play it on my mobile; then it helps to release my stress, I feel better and I can try the things in different way.


My favorite memory of playing FoE is finishing my first level IV GE. The prizes are quite alluring and it is not as difficult as I originally imagined. My first “big” prize was a Ritual Flame. Then I got a Tribal Square and then the Sacred Sky Watch and then a Terrace Farm!! I have got an eye on the Fountain of Youth now but would love more Terrace Farms. Now that I have a Temple of Relics, the thrill factor of GEs has increased!
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