Goods requirements of the Research Tree


Added a table provided by Markus Vypirius at the bottom of the first post.


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Just started out and wondering if these numbers are still accurate? For example in looking at my tech tree for the iron age I only show 25 stone are needed and both the beginning numbers in this thread and the spreadsheet in the previous post list 48. Have the requirements been reduced or am I missing something? the tech tree pic posted in the beginning shows 15 stone are needed for architecture and 33 for fortification whereas my tech tree shows 5 and 20 respectively.

Just trying to plan ahead but don't want to be using the wrong numbers


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The thread itself was last updated October 2013, and I'm not sure if that was an update or the stats so these might be older than that. They're no longer accurate.

If you want to plan ahead I'd suggest you just check the researches ahead of you and make note of what you'll need in close future.


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Ok, in looking through the first few ages it appears that only the bronze age goods required for the iron age have been reduced as all other numbers have been the same as listed in this thread

thanks for the response
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