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Need Friends? Post Here

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HI, I am always looking to make new friends. So add me. You can look forward to daily tavern visits as well as daily visits to your town. Yours truelly, Yohono


you can add me frostcanvas1 I can have reached my 80 invites but can still accept new friends and I do aid and visit the tavern daily. and if you are looking for a nice guild you can join the guild I am in.


I am looking for active friends - daily player. Have reached my request limit so please invite me.


Active player, m/p visit tavern daily, in need of friends. Out of invites, please invite me. Thank you ~


Seeking long term friends, but out of invites. Top notch Tavern with Happy Hour all day.: Will be so happy to see you.

My best,


Hi, just joined this world and naturally need friends to potivate, feel free to add me JennyButler is my in game name.
Can u add me as a friend. I have no requests left, but im a prefty good tavern friend


Hi guys, i have no requests left, but i need friends so add me, i aid daily and sit in taverns.. also if u wanna chat and ask questions, it would be cool.


If you are looking for a very fun and active guild, check out the Rangers. We have a great group of people :)


I’m out of requests but visit taverns and aid daily. In S world and killmore.


Hey all. Feel free to add me! Like in real life i tavern daily. Also polivate as well!


I am out of requests, but I aid & visit taverns daily. Have room for 50 more friends!
I am out of invites, but would love to be added by active players at any level. I am in Arctic Future. Too many of my old friends have stopped playing.



New Member
I have two worlds... but I am looking for friends who actually play and in my Sirenia world a guild that actually has more than one founder still playing the GE and I don't have to wait on one player to unlock level 2. I am in the Industrial Age about ready to move up. Rushgirlsrule