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Soccer Cup 2021 Feedback


New Member
Of course you can sell it. There was an update a while back that new special buildings are locked by default so players don't accidentally sell them and then submit tickets to get them back. You can unlock it and sell it.

As for the event: same as last year. Hopefully the building is easy enough to complete (even though the def boost is approaching useless) without specific play style or lots of luck. The tournament is silly like last time: with most odds in the 30-70% chance to win, and the relatively small # of tickets available the "strategy" component is easily swamped by randomness. Just do the hard match--swap players if you like--and don't save up tickets for prizes there as you lose out on the generated ones.

I'm starting to get burned out on events, particularly because of the complete [x # of y time] production quests which seem to be more obnoxious with each new event. My main world has a fair # of sleigh builders so it isn't so bad, but on others I only have a few production buildings (including whatever smiths I can shoehorn in there) and if you have to wait through multiple cycles of 8 hr productions...it's just a drag.
What do you mean you can unlock it, how???...It says you can't take it to the trader?


on PC there is a lock symbol at the top right that must be checked before you can lock and unlock individual items. i don't know about mobile.
And on mobile the line at the top has 3 check boxes to the right of the search area. Tap/select the one on the right and your inventory items will all show check boxes below to toggle items between locked and unlocked. When you're finished, deselect the lock box at the top.


New Member
The odds posted in tournament matches do not seem to reflect performance. For matches in which I have a greater than 80% chance of wining, my winning percentage is about 50%. For matches in which my expected winning percentage is 60 to 80%, my actual winning percentage is about 30%. My winning percentage for 50 to 60% is 0%.

Because my winning percentage is so low when the odds are favorable, I haven't even tried a match in which my odds are below 50%

Do other players experience this?


New Member
Can you please make this the LAST year you do the soccer cup. The soccer cup is the absolute worst event by far that you have. I really hate this event and i'm ONLY playing it to get the surprise box for the next event. I don't mind how you do the practice, but the games are absolute garbage!!! I played 3 games in a row against the weakest opponent with a 80-90 percent chance of winning each and LOST ALL THREE!!!! YOU NEED TO FIX that or you need to scrap the soccer cup all together!!!