Spring Event 2018 Feedback


Completed the event on 5 worlds, these are my results:

All Worlds - Emp Ent lvl 1, Gong lvl 1, SoK, Reno

Y - Emp Ent (1), Gong (2), Pond (1), Rock (2)
X - Gong (1), Rock (1)
W - Emp Ent (2), Gong (3), Pond (1), Rock (4)
F* - Emp Ent (1), Gong (2), Rock (3)
E - Emp Ent (1), Gong (2), Rcok (1), Zen (1)

*bought 160 lanterns
I'm pretty happy with the event overall though I think I'm well over average on number of kits received. I've got my version of a fully upgraded set (Rock, Gong, Emp Ent @ lvl 2, in that priority order) on each world except X which is missing the Emp Ent upgrade. Y and E both weren't around for last year's event, but were able to get to a fully upgraded set, with some help from DC's. W will have 2 full sets, F will have 2 full sets minus 1 Emp Ent lvl 2.

Edit: Updated after last shots at Emp Ent this morning.
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Seriously ?? I do all the quests and get a level 1 gong? What a ripoff. Should at least be a level 2 upgrade.
We wish you a lot of fun at the Cherry Blossom Festival!

Let us know what you think in this thread. If you have any questions, you will be able to ask them directly to our game designers during a Q&A session that will take place on our international Facebook page on Tuesday (April 3rd) at 5:30 PM CEST. See you there! :)

Thank you!

Happy Spring!
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I just hope the pieces will continue to be offered in the Daily Challenges so that I have some hope of getting a complete set in at least one city someday. I am really glad I didn’t spend diamonds, since it seems pretty clear that you could sink a lot of cash in this without getting anywhere. I can just about accept that the events are meant to generate revenue and that F2P players shouldn’t expect to get the full reward, but it really seems like even spenders couldn’t really count on getting full sets.


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Well, I got my Emperor's Entrance upgrade on the last day. Which brings my total to 7 kits for two worlds, having completed all quests. I've got 4 out of 5 buildings for a level-1 second set in each world (which I won't bother building). I have 32 and 26 lanterns left over - not enough for even the smallest chest available in either world.

Now take a deep breath and relax for a moment. The next event starts in five minutes.


I'm f2p and I went into the event missing the Emperor's Entrance from last year. I got that missing piece early in the questline, then managed to get all 5 upgrades and an extra Sakura kit, and I finished the entire questline. I decided which pieces had priority, and opened chests in this order: Sakura, Pond, Zone, Gong, Entrance, stopping as soon as I got a kit.

Not too bad IMO, definitely better than the Carnival again. But I'll agree that 62 quests was rather long, and the 3 different types of big chests had some lousy prizes for the cost.


It makes perfect sense that the guaranteed prizes would be set pieces and not kits. Inno wants us to spend diamonds and having the kits only available in the chests encourages that. A player with a full set from last year will try and get the upgrades for it. That same player now knows that they'll get two pieces for a 2nd set from the quest line and could want to build and upgrade that 2nd set. More upgrade kits needed.

Thanks to multiple worlds, high level Frontenacs, easier access to WW's and especially GE, diamonds are a lot easier to come by now than when I started playing almost 3 years ago. It doesn't surprise me at all that Inno is 'encouraging' us to spend those diamonds.

I upgraded the Gong, Rock & Entrance on my six older worlds and got a set completed (with upgraded Gong, Rock & Entrance) on my newest one. I have Gong & Rock upgrades in inventory for a 2nd set on all 6 older worlds and have 2nd Entrance upgrades on 2 of them. Will wait for the DC to fill out those sets. All told I spent a little over 4000 diamonds, all on the two worlds where I ran into REALLY bad streaks of luck. In the last 2 weeks I've made just over 2000 of those diamonds back from GE, WW's & quests.

I doubt that we'll ever see 'old style' events again. In the first Fall Event I got between 12 and 17 SoK's / world. That's not going to happen again.
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