Summer Event 2019 Progress

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Haven't been too active. Tomorrow will be different, as the Guild Expedition starts again. Then, I can get the troops I need!


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wow how are you guys even get the chance to spin I get one coin a day and thats it.... not really enjoying this summer quest.

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Sorry, but that obviously means you've rushed the ages to the point where you can't play the game effectively.

You need to stop advancing on the campaign map and work on the rest of the game.

This is a strategy game, and unfortunately your choices may mean you are unprepared for completing this event.
This is good advice for pretty much anything. I currently have 5,6 million Supplies in my main city (I moved to the Modern Era a while ago). Although this is enough to get me through any quest that requires paying Supplies, even I feel that that is too little for my age.

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Ooooh! I hope it's a coconut palm! Pina Coladas for everyone!
I love Piña Coladas! Rum goes excellent on them.
On topic, I made a small amount of progress in my newer city. Still waiting for tomorrow so that I can participate in the Guild Expedition again!


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it cost too much my second quest wants 22,000 supplies can't give that much heck I only have 17,000 :(
I have 127.7 millions of supplies, the main reason is that I've used 1 Colonial Champion + 7 Rogues most of the times and they don't cost coins or supplies to train. I was rewarded a Champion's Retreat during the 1st hour after advancing to Colonial in March 2018, so I guess the event difficulty is linked strongly to the era which the players reside in. My Clockmakers are small, so finish the event quests very efficiently.

I just got another Sunken Treasure,
Forge of Empires - Summer Event Won Sunken Treasure Again.jpg

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Is that the what they don't know won't hurt them loophole?
Nah, basically, where I live, you can't drink in public nor purchase alcohol yourself (duh).
I just need to have permission from a parent or guardian, and I can only drink at home (in moderation, obviously)

On topic, I won 4 Golden Prizes in a row on the same city!! Here they are in order...
Pirate Selection Kit
The Ship Upgrade Kit (finally!!!)
20 Forge Points
Guard Post Selection Kit (my second one so far)

Let's see how well I fare in my main city...

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So I didn't have the same degree of luck as in my second city in my main city, but luck nonetheless.
Got The Ship Upgrade Kit and a Guard Post Selection Kit. All the coins I picked up on the way helped with a quest.

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you know, in my cities i boast a lot of monuments and bldgs that i didnt know sunken treasure, all time fav because it produces supplies..and you know me, i need them. with my ongoing issues, i need a dozen of em to keep me happy lol. i hope inno has something similiar to this wheel thing for fall and winter!

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i hope inno has something similiar to this wheel thing for fall and winter!
Last fall, we had a baking contest, with a large windmill as a prize. You had to collect ingredients to bake different pastries, and different ones gave different rewards.
Last winter, we had a bunch of presents that we could open up by paying Stars. By opening them, you would get Matchsticks to light candles in a [redacted to avoid offending anybody] Tree. The grand prize was a large spire, with architecture similar to many cathedrals in Russia.